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I have built this Battleship from R-Type  (Stage3)

I constructed it via LegoDigitalDesigner LDD. Made the partlist pdf and ordered via bricklink.

Data: construction time = 4months; building time = 1 month; costs = 1500€; parts = about 10000; weight = about 20kg; able to carry per 2 hands; very stable; only one color; mostly build by retro parts; only 140 different parts



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An absolute unit! Very impressive build. The overall shape and turret placement make it looking extraordinary. Also, making an interesting starship using only color can be quite a challenge but you did this very well. Nothing boring about this ship! I have never built something this big, because I would not have the patience and/or bricks, but when you make something like this, do you plan on keeping this forever? Or will you take it a apart at some point to use the parts on another project?

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