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Hi! I am Jimbricked from YouTube.com!

I have NEVER used Eurobricks but I hear it's a great place to branch out! I am still learning so if I do something wrong, please don't be hostile!

On My YouTube Channel, I feature tons of "LEGO Digital Designer" creations all across the internet and also build my own!

The reason for this "TOPIC" is to inform you guys that tons of builds from the Eurobricks forum have been featured on my channel! 

Within 10 seconds of the video, You'll see the designers name (full credit given) and much more!

I started to feature builds back in 2017 because I saw so many LDD creations that were just going to waste on the LDD Gallery. I uploaded tons of them, and if it weren't for me, 1,000,000 people wouldn't have seen Markilly_1ers "Military Trailer Truck"

My point in this TOPIC isn't to promote my Channel, but rather an Opportunity for YOU!


Now that you get a general feel of the channel, here is your opportunity to let possibly "millions" of people see YOUR creation for FREE!

I will let you guys reply to this forum with ANY LDD file you have built and you want featured on the channel!

You can attach AS MANY files as you want. 1 or 100 but please make sure to give me correct titles and descriptions of the builds.

You can also send me your YouTube channel link so I can post it in the description!


I judge very 'hard' on builds I post to my channel these days. There are certain guidelines I follow. I am totally open to adding new themes to my channel as well!

If I decline your build, I do apologize in advance! I look for key points in realism and proportion! 

Another point I wanna stress is this: Before I featured the designers name in the video, I used to put them in the description. I edited the descriptions in bulk one day, and planned to go back and add the designers names, but unfortunately, the LDD Gallery (where I used to get builds from)was shut down! If you happen to stumble across a build on my channel that is yours and you don't see your name, DON'T FRIGHT! Send me an email and I'll fix it!

I think that pretty much covers. Cars. Planes. Trains. Buildings. You name it, I'll most likely take it if it meets my requirements. 





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Welcome to Euro Bricks @Jimbricked!

I've got quite a few models over on Lego Ideas. They are all built in LDD. If you'd like to feature any of them, just let me know and I'll hook you up with the LXF file! Just click the link in my signature to check them out.


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