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These are my 1:20 scale models of the Ferrari 488 GTE EVO race cars as they appeared at Le Mans in 2018. Ferrari was racing with 3 entries that year. Apart from the standard #51 and #71 cars, they also raced with car #52.

Here is the video for car #52 where I also show the LEGO model that was brought to Le Mans:

In the following video I break down the initial prototype and show all of the SNOT techniques within. The final models are mostly the same internally, which is why I am only featuring the breakdown in this one video:


The prototype has taken approximately 3 weeks to complete, so it a bit more "finished" than the BMW M8 and Aston Martin Vantage that I will show later (they represent roughly 2 and a half week of work each)


When I built this model, the reference pictures were all of the 488 GTE from last year with the extra headlights and high visibility "teeth" in the middle of the front opening. The headlights, as well as the front splitter are the only changes I have spotted on the new version and Ferrari is not saying much about what has changed to earn the "EVO" in the name of the car.

Here are the dimensions the model is following:

  • Length: 4568mm => 28,55 => 29 studs

  • Width: 1952mm => 12 studs

  • Height: 1213mm => 61mm

  • Wheelbase: 2650mm => 16,56 => 17 studs


And my list of changes to appear in the next prototype are:

- Livery of the actual cars with white/red/gree/yellow/blue stripes and color blocks

- Deletion of 4 headlights as previously mentioned

- Changes in the diffuser (tan will replace the red and be used as detailing as well)

- Tan for the inside of the wheel wells.

- Yellow warning ring next to right rear light.

- Change of rear bodywork to accommodate new livery.

- Change of side panels to accommodate new livery (triangular color blocking near the barge boards).

- Change in design of windscreen so it flows with the roof.

- Maybe new side mirrors that are hinged on the outer side (if I can make that work).

- Front hood opening right in front of the windscreen should be changed to a more curved design.

- Turn around the robot arms holding the spoiler!


I should also take a look at how the 1x2 tile next to the rear wheel is connected. It is not Kosher.

From this top view you can better see how the sides flow into the body work. My favorite detail by far:


And as usual. Please bring on all the critique you can muster. I am showing this early prototype of the car in the hope of getting as many improvements as possible before Le Mans.

Thanks in advance :)



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lovely shaped vehicle :wub::wub:. I especially like all the angles u managed to put the bricks on. If I may feel free for a little bit of critique: The windshield translation to the roof is a bit crude, something u have done a lot smoother on ur corvette!

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A very impressive build. 

I'm glad you had the break down video along side everything because there were definitely some designs in there I was not familiar with

Keep up the great work!

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Good job! You did well on building the headlights as well as maintaining the sleek look throughout the build!

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I am finally working on the building instructions for the #52 Ferrari 488 GTE EVO from Le Mans this year (the bright red one).

It has turned out to be extremely time consuming to get all the angles right. At day 3 I currently have this progress:


After having started out in BrickLink 2.0, I had to revert to MLCad due to some parts not being possible to place. It was not just the side windows - also the parts in the nose - those that do not even break the LEGO system grid - cause to fail. Once I exported to LDraw, I could see that parts were straying from the standard grid, and I suppose this caused the placement issues. Working with MLCad is slow and grinding, but I manage a couple of parts a minute :)

I will keep you updated.



Building instructions for #52 are complete:


Up next are the #71 and #72 cars with the dark red liveries. I also have to find a solution for including stickers in the renderer.

Update 2

I have changed the rear a couple of times in order to make it more true to the original. The first update has:

- A new rear bumper with an even width in order to accommodate the white stripe.

- Tan side diffusers instead of the wing pieces (the real car has some box-like scoops)

- The 1x1 panels near the middle of the diffuser have been turned 90 degrees to emulate the lower plates on the real car. 


The latest version has the side scoops made using 1x1 tiles and an update to the rear center body work.





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The last sticker is finally finished for the #52 car. I have updated the first post with a video where I show the model, as well as pictures from the race track.


The LEGO model itself has received minor updates. Apart from the stickers, these include the sculpting of the lines along the sides, a new top of the windscreen, and some new pieces for modeling the intakes on the front:


In the back there is only a single update in parts: The rain light is now made using a round 1x1 plate.


Link to the building instructions:

Up next will be instructions for the two other cars. This will again take a while due to the stickers, but at least the sofware for creating stickers should now be ready and up for the task.

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