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Glitch Royale Competition Category B Voting


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  1. 1. What is your favorite entry?

    • Jens by Lt. de Martinet
    • Dreejal Vin by The Secret Walrus
    • Nepol by optimus-convoy
    • Jens by The Chosen One
    • Euripides the last Amphibib by Mister N
    • Shimmel Revamp by Constraction Deva​​​​​​​
    • Ooni Beast by logeybear
    • Keewop Revamp/Re-imagining by Constraction Deva
    • Tager by Sparky
    • TDN Module landing by Exetrius​​​​​​​
    • Boge (Television Accurate Ooni) by Constraction Deva
    • System Aquart by logeybear

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  • Poll closed on 05/18/18 at 03:59 AM

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Hello and welcome to the voting thread for Category A of the Eurobricks Glinch Royale Competition! Please review the voting rules below, start looking at all of the entries, and get to voting!

Voting Rules

  • Polls will automatically close at 11:59 PM EST on 5/17.
  • You must have been a member before the official launch of this contest (March 31st join date or earlier) to be eligible to vote
  • You may vote once in each poll. If we find that you are voting from multiple accounts, administrative action will be taken and you will be disqualified from the competition.
  • Winners will be determined based on the total number of votes between both categories. Just because you win one poll, doesn't necessarily mean you have won the competition.

1) 42007480191_3213f9e1f3_m.jpg Jens by Lt. de Martinet

2) 42007480421_f3c7cd3fe7_n.jpg Dreejal Vin by The Secret Walrus

3) 42007480071_8dca32a3f2_m.jpg Nepol by optimus-convoy

4) 42007480211_399dc4dd6e_m.jpg Jens by The Chosen One

5) 27138281527_c5e3293022_m.jpg Euripides the last Amphibib by Mister N

6) 27138281047_258edef3df_m.jpg Shimmel Revamp by Constraction Deva

7) 27138281137_f4f1c1183e_m.jpg Ooni Beast by logeybear

8) 27138281257_1f4351e24b_m.jpg Keewop Revamp/Re-imagining by Constraction Deva

9) 42007479671_57a5e52b18_m.jpg Tager by Sparky

10) 42007479611_8e582b0713_m.jpg TDN Module landing by Exetrius

11) 27138281567_a621d28c10_m.jpg Boge (Television Accurate Ooni) by Constraction Deva

12) 42007479741_f0f4ac8b35_m.jpg System Aquart by logeybear



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