Lord Buckethead

[GBW - CP6] Refnor - Delta Research Centre

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Map Name: Studica

Grid: E8

Location: Science and Research Centre Delta



After the first invasion, site Delta was placed under the control of Xenorian intelligence. The testing that takes place in the facility is highly classified and is unknown even to the upper echelons of the Xenorian Aristocracy.


Suddenly in the midst of an experiment, the alarms in the facility are sounded.

Site Commander: What is it agent?

Xenorian Agent: There appears to be multiple heat signatures moving in from the North-West, but I can't get a clear visual due to the rain.

Site Commander: Check in with the team outside, it's probably nothing though.


Xenorian Sergeant: We can't see much out here at the moment sir, but everything seems in order.

Xenorian Agent: Affirmative sergeant, just make sure to keep an eye out.

Sergeant Buckethead: Slow and steady boys, we're in no rush.

Corporal Gump (Sniper): Sir, looks like they've got a machine gun nest up top, you want me to take it out?

Sergeant Buckethead: Affirmative corporal, on my signal.


Sergeant Buckethead: Corporal, everyone's in position take the shot.

Just as the sniper takes the shot, a bolt of lightning appears throwing off his aim. In response the Xenorians begin firing wildly into the shrubs.


The two sides exchange fire for a number of seconds, neither able to properly see each other until the two Xenorians by the door are killed.

Sergeant Buckethead: Everyone regroup at the bunker door, on me.


The Refnorians mass at the bunker door, Corporal Tillerman fires a grenade at the machine gun nest, taking it out.

Sergeant Buckethead: Specialist, where are we at?

Specialist Parker: I count five KIA sir, probably more wounded.

Sergeant Buckethead: ****, Corporal Tillerman, any idea how we're gonna open this door.

Corporal Tillerman: Well sir, looks like the doors weakest at its edges, where the hinges are. Could probably cut around them with the saw and blow it down with a bazooka.

Sergeant Buckethead: You sure it'll work?

Corporal Tillerman: Maybe?


Xenorian Agent: What are they doing sir?

Site Commander: They're cutting around the edges, everyone back now!


Private Sawyer: Backblast!


While the bazooka barely dented the door, the blast pushed it clean off of it's hinges. Smoke filled the air and the Xenorians covered their faces, trying to shelter themselves form the smoke.

The Refnorians piled into the bunker, as the Xenorians fired blindly in a frenzy.


Several more Refnorian soldiers were lost to enemy fire, but the resistance at the entrance eventually fell, many of the Xenorians in shell shock from the blast.


As Sergeant Buckethead finished clearing the entrance, the squad was paid a visit by Colonel Matthias.

Colonel Matthias: Good job Sergeant, good job indeed. You'll soon be reinforced by 2nd and 3rd Squad at which point you can proceed further into the complex, for now I want you to hold the entrance.      

Sergeant Buckethead: Yes Sir.


Thank you for viewing my first Campaign entry, admittedly it's not as polished as I would have liked, especially in regards to the presentation, but oh well. I was unable to use my lightbox, nor edit due to my current circumstances so sorry about that. I also acknowledge that the story isn't very realistic at all, but what can I say, I'm not a very good writer.

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The door and the terrain outside look very well finished. Good!

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You’ve been awarded (6) points.

Judges’ comments…

This is a very unique build. From first glance, I couldnt even tell that one part was the front and the other was the back, it looks like totally different environments (which I think was your goal). The frontal part with the hill and the door are nicely done. The terrain and minifigure posing is well planned. Your pictures really capture the essence of what should be seen here. The interior is a little bit bland and could be developed a little more. The only other thing to work on would be your presentation. It might be worth it to look into using something for a solid neutral background not to take away from your build. This is a really great effort here and I look forward to seeing more from you.    

This is almost two different builds, but it's not.  And if that is what you were going for, then well done!  Let's start inside; a testing facility is what it appears to be?  I think the space is good, but I felt there was a bit too much open. unused space.  Fill it up with a computer or something.  That white floor just stands out too much.  Moving outside, I think this is where your build really shines.  The hill the bunker is hidden in is a simple slope.  Not a bad thing, but I think there was an opportunity to add some more deviation to the terrain of that hill.  The ground was great though.  Not flat, the terrain moved, and it was well covered in plant life.  The troops attacking looked really good, a bit of close quarters battling going on.  Definitely want to try to use your lightbox next time.  Not really for the lighting, but because none of us really want to see the walls of your house or the inside of that lid.  Good build!

Be Sure to Update Your AARs. 

Thanks for playing!

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