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The Adventure Index. Home of all themes related to rip-roaring adventure! Adventurers, Pharaoh's Quest, Dino, Dino 2010/Dino Attack and Monster Fighters content is indexed here.


endoftheworld.png- A Prize first awarded for The End of the World Contest

gallery_8966_241_5948.png- An Adventure Themes tag for building contests

tag-tophat.png-tag-tanhelm.png-tag-jthat.png-tag-bowler.png- First awarded during the Lester Contest

tag-lester.png - A special tag for the winner of the Lester's Big Adventure contest.

monster_wolf.png-monster_ghost.png-monster_lightning.png-monster_bat.png-monster_eye.png-monster_gas.png - Monster Fighter tags given out as prizes at Halloween.


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1094-1.jpg1094-1 Johnny Thunder - Review by K@czor

1182-1.jpg1182-1 Adventurers Raft 

1183-1.jpg1183-1 Mummy and Cart - Review by Erdbeereis 

1271-1.jpg1271-1 Jungle Surprise 

1278-1.jpg1278-1 Jones and Baby Tyranno  

1279-1.jpg1279-1 Cunningham's Dinofinder 

1280-1.jpg1280-1 Dr. Kilroy's Microcopter  

1281-1.jpg1281-1 Mike's Dinohunter  

2541-1.jpg2541-1 Adventurers Car - Review by mikey

2542-1.jpg2542-1 Adventurers Aeroplane Review by mikey

2879-1.jpg2879-1 Desert Expedition 

2995-1.jpg2995-1 Adventurers Car  

2996-1.jpg2996-1 Adventurers Tomb

3020-1.jpg3020-1 Jones' Raft

3021-1.jpg3021-1 King Farao Third 

3022-1.jpg3022-1 Harry Caine's Airplane 

3023-1.jpg3023-1 Sly Boot's Car

3039-1.jpg3039-1 Adventurers Plane

3055-1.jpg3055-1 Adventurers Car - Review by The Cobra

3380-1.jpg3380-1 Johnny Thunder 

3381-1.jpg3381-1 Sam Sinister

3382-1.jpg3382-1 China Girl 

3722-1.jpg3722-1 Treasure Tomb 

5900-1.jpg5900-1 Adventurer - Johnny Thunder - Review by K@czor

5901-1.jpg5901-1 River Raft

5903-1.jpg5903-1 Johnny Thunder and Baby T-rex  

5904-1.jpg5904-1 Microcopter  

5905-1.jpg5905-1 Hidden Treasure  

5906-1.jpg5906-1 Ruler of the Jungle Review by Mörs

5909-1.jpg5909-1 Treasure RaidersReview by Bricknave 

5911-1.jpg5911-1 Johnny Thunder's Plane 

5912-1.jpg5912-1 Mike's Swamp Boat - Review by mikey

5913-1.jpg5913-1 Dr. Kilroy's Car  

5914-1.jpg5914-1 Sam Sanister and Baby T 

5918-1.jpg5918-1 Scorpion Tracker - Review by Tom Bricks, Review by ZO6

5919-1.jpg5919-1 The Valley of the Kings  

5920-1.jpg5920-1 Island Racer - Review by Erdbeereis 

5921-1.jpg5921-1 Research Glider - Review by MacK  

5925-1.jpg5925-1 Pontoon Plane - Review by Erdbeereis, Review by SlyOwl

5928-1.jpg5928-1 Bi-Wing Baron - Review by ZO6

5934-1.jpg5934-1 Dino Explorer - Review by ZO6

5935-1.jpg5935-1 Island Hopper  

5936-1.jpg5936-1 Spider's Secret - Review by def 

5938-1.jpg5938-1 Oasis Ambush Review by WesternOutlaw

5948-1.jpg5948-1 Desert Expedition 

5955-1.jpg5955-1 All Terrain Trapper 

5956-1.jpg5956-1 Expedition Balloon - Review by ZO6 

5958-1.jpg5958-1 Mummy's Tomb - Review by ZO6

5975-1.jpg5975-1 T-Rex Transport  

5976-1.jpg5976-1 River Expedition  

5978-1.jpg5978-1 Sphinx Secret Surprise - Review by alex54

5986-1.jpg5986-1 Amazon Ancient Ruins - Review by voltio  

5987-1.jpg5987-1 Dino Research Compound - Review by ZO6

5988-1.jpg5988-1 The Temple of Anubis - Review by Alldarker, Review by ZO6

7409-1.jpg7409-1 Secret of the Tomb - Review by Matn

7410-1.jpg7410-1 Jungle River - Review by The Cobra 

7411-1.jpg7411-1 Tygurah's Roar - Review by Batbrick

7412-1.jpg7412-1 Yeti's Hideout - Review by The Cobra

7413-1.jpg7413-1 Passage of Jun-Chi - Review by The Cobra

7414-1.jpg7414-1 Elephant Caravan

7415-1.jpg7415-1 Aero Nomad - Review by The Cobra 

7416-1.jpg7416-1 Emperor's Ship - Review by Etzel 

7417-1.jpg7417-1 Temple of Mount Everest - Review by TinyPiesRUs

7418-1.jpg7418-1 Scorpion Palace  

7418-2.jpg7418-2 Scorpion Palace and Foam Scimitar

7419-1.jpg7419-1 Dragon Fortress - Review by TinyPiesRUs, Eurobricks by ZO6

7420-1.jpg7420-1 Thunder Blazer  

7422-1.jpg7422-1 Red Eagle 

7423-1.jpg7423-1 Mountain Sleigh 

7424-1.jpg7424-1 Black Cruiser 

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30090-1.jpg30090-1 Desert Glider - Review by InArchitect  

30091-1.jpg30091-1 Desert Rover - Review by r1chard

7305-1.jpg7305-1 Scarab Attack - Review by Still Raindrop 

7306-1.jpg7306-1 Golden Staff Guardians Review by Tamamono, Review by WesternOutlaw 

7307-1.jpg7307-1 Flying Mummy Attack - Review by WesternOutlaw, Review by Masked Builder 

7325-1.jpg7325-1 Cursed Cobra Statue - Review by Hinckley 

7326-1.jpg7326-1 Rise of the Sphinx Review by Bricknave

7327-1.jpg7327-1 Scorpion Pyramid - Review by Hinckley  

853176-1.jpg853176-1 Skeleton Mummy Battle Pack 

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