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[Galidor Category B] Dreejal Vin

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Dreejal Vin by Anthony Wilson, on Flickr

A sprawling cyberpunk metropolis, Dreejal Vin is certainly one of the liveliest realms in all of the Outer Dimension.

I'm 99% sure I managed to fit a reference to every Dreejal Vin episode from the show so hopefully some of you Galidor fans will have fun finding them.





There's some more pictures over on my Flickr, but there's also an Imgur album with a ton of extra photos for people who want to get all detailing.

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Is it normal that this gives me a hankering to binge watch Galidor? I think that speaks more of your MOCing ability than the quality of Galidor as a show, so congrats. 

There are no crazy unorthodox building techniques here, but there are some things that are much more commendable: a consistency in style, tasteful usage of a variety of building techniques, and visual interest. 

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I'm blown away by the size and amount of detail and references in this model. I particularly love the tasteful BIONICLE part integration and brick-built lettering.

If the rules hadn't disallowed it, I'm sure you could've blended in Galidor parts excellently in this model, but you captured the show perfected in so many ways regardless! This is a model I never thought I'd see, and I'm deeply honoured that you made it!

Good luck in the contest!

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How in the world hasn't this been frontpaged yet!? Tremendous work! Amazing how it looks great while simultaneously incorporating numerous scenes! Makes me want  to dive into the show, even! 

If I had to pick a favourite part of this MOC, it would be the square surrounded by the entrences, particularly the descending one is cool. And I love the springloaded shooters to mark the edges of the street. 

Wonderful, man! :sweet::thumbup::thumbup:

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