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GBW - CP6 - Plighia - Attack at Alpha

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Location: Xenor Military Base

GreenFor Designation: Alpha

Time: 0800 Hours

Recently, the 115th RRC was dissolved and its platoons assigned to different Companies. My platoon landed in the 1st Company 2nd Division of the PAF (Plighian Armed Forces) and that company happened to be a part of the first assault on Xenor positions. Before our initial assault, we were paired up with some mounted infantry. Our plan was to attack just around dawn but there was an error in logistics and we didn't move out until 0800 hrs. 

We moved into position on the east side of the compound, and after a tank round took out the wall our forces pushed forward.

We advanced forward with an M113 apc providing cover for our front.

28030627528_3ce624eb46_z.jpgGBW - CP6 by ODA 401, on Flickr

We were about 15 feet from the wall when I heard the Commander open up with his mounted M2HB (I later found out he had sighted some Xenor soldiers with AT weaponry).

27031729947_590927eb52_z.jpgGBW - CP6 by ODA 401, on Flickr

As soon as M2HB stopped firing, our Sergeant gave the order to fan out.

Sgt Anders: " Fan Out Now, get to the wall as fast as you can! We need to get out of the Kill Zone!"

41001039015_f0352c5d4b_z.jpgGBW - CP6 by ODA 401, on Flickr

We had no Idea how many Xenorians we were going to come in contact with, but we met with surprisingly low resistance. The M113 crew had decided to stay back for fear of another AT threat but gave us covering fire as we pressed forward.

The enemy was few in number but they had the firepower to fend us off.

40092904560_bf45b0fefe_z.jpgGBW - CP6 by ODA 401, on Flickr

We managed to get to the wall, but we took some casualties in the process.

40092909110_361fc0a179_z.jpgGBW - CP6 by ODA 401, on Flickr

Our squad medic stayed behind to help the wounded.

27031765227_901ee53acf_z.jpgGBW - CP6 by ODA 401, on Flickr

I saw our squad's point-man open up with his shotgun towards the opfor behind the wall I was at, so I decided to toss a grenade over it.

41183237744_baf5088357_z.jpgGBW - CP6 by ODA 401, on Flickr

After it went off, we stormed through the hole and took out any remaining enemy soldiers.

41183243204_e068a77001_z.jpgGBW - CP6 by ODA 401, on Flickr

28030708068_a61a91e60a_z.jpgGBW - CP6 by ODA 401, on Flickr

With my adrenaline pumping on overdrive I felt that we had just won the battle, but we had only gotten through the outer defenses. We still had to fight through the rest of the base and hopefully find the WMD that our intelligence had said "might" be there. We had N.E.S.T teams on standby and we were all equipt with NBC suits and masks, but for all we knew they had already moved it to another location.

Top Down view:

41183256134_5c172f0972_z.jpgGBW - CP6 by ODA 401, on Flickr

M113 based off of BrickMania design.

Edited by ODA 401

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You’ve been awarded (7) points.

Judges’ comments…

This build is a great example of well executed simplicity. The build is very clean and realistic. I love the hole knocked out of the wall. The angles of your photos with the guys behind the wall were great. Nice job on the APC and posing of the troops. Suggestions for the future- Don't be afraid to go inside those structures, that would have put you over the top, varying depths and spaces in terrain would be nice to see. Using a different pallet of colors is cool, but varying your terrain height always adds a little pop to the builds. Great work as always, keep it up!    

Good job!  solid APC and nice to see that you gave credit as I recognized it right away.  The terrain is expansive for this build and I was glad to see that it wasn't totally flat, but I think the field could have used some more changes.  The building was just plain grey walls.  Not terrible, but even concrete gets brittle over time and chips so a few building flaws would have been good.  I really, really like the shot of the troops crashing through the hole in the outter wall, but there is one problem.  YOUR FINGER is in the picture!!!  If it wasn't for that finger tip, I feel this is one of the best pictures in this game so far!

Be Sure to Update Your AARs. 

Thanks for playing!

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Thanks. Unfortunately, I noticed the finger only after I posted it, and I had no time to redo after that.

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It happens to the best of us.  Glad to see you noticed it, but this is why it's worth it to leave yourself a day to double check everything.  I'm serious though, that pic was FANTASTIC!  I wish I had basic editing skills because then I could crop it a bit and ask you for permission to use it!  GREAT SHOT!

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