[GBW- CP6] New Brickika - Bravo R&D Center

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Good research facility !

I like the design of this building with all those window panels !

The landscape is well thought even if it seems you've been a little bit too big for you : less details in the landscape than in the building. Perhaps adding waves on the sea, or more BURP hiding work on the cliff could have help.

Otherwise, the building itself is really good and well detailled ! Good job !

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Judges’ comments…

I think your building design here is pretty neat. The skylight windows were a nice touch with how you layered them in. Inside the building you have great detail work. The rockwal just off to the side is very nicely done and the curves on it are great. My suggestion for the future would be to try and do some minor things to break up your landscaping. Like the water for example, just dropping some clear plates or cheese slopes to show some motion would go a long way as right now this is just sitting on a base plate. I'm personally not a fan of the Samurai thing, but I'm not knocking points for that. Overall this is a solid build, nicely done!  

 Research center, located on the shore line of a lake, right?  I think the build quality here was pretty good.  You took a risk with the ceiling and it paid off well.  Your rock work and cliff side conveyed that alcove look very well.  From the researcher's stand point, I think it was poorly defended, but that's more a comment and doesn't affect the build.  Two colors of sand was a good move, wet and dry.  Maybe add a lil ripple to the lake/pool?  Lighting was good, but you may want to add a backdrop of some type?  No one wants to see the floor of where you live, but by covering it with a sheet, it brings the focus back to your build.  Enjoyed not seeing only overhead shots, thank you for mixing it up.  Good job!


Be Sure to Update Your AARs. 

Thanks for playing!

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