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MOC 65" Gondola

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Presenting: my 65" gondola in (for this one) UP livery:


As always, it started out as an LDD design but seeing as I liked the design a lot myself and really need some rolling stock it got build


I even designed it in different livery colors (the Reddisch brown being a standard one which could be used by different liveries). Other are also possible with a tiny bit of work.

When I started building it I really thought it could need some lettering and what not so I got myself a Silhouette plotter and started making some in diiferent liveries:




I've actually ordered enough parts to make 5, I'm putting 4 of those on my Bricklink, including stickers.


I've made so that the front and rear can be dropped for those very long loads (and 65" is allready long, it translates in bricks to 52 studs, well actually even a tad longer but then it wouldn't have looked good)



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Very nice looking gondola. I like it is so long but apart from that it had some nice detailing as well.

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