Chicagoland LEGO collectors! Selling off a bunch of old sets. 90's Space!

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Selling off my old LEGO collection. I was a serious adult collector and I have taken great care of these sets. They were stored in a closet in a non-smoking home.

Here's a link to the Craigslist ad, with pictures: Craigslist listing with pictures!

Here are the sets I have available -

LEGO 6198 Aquazone Stingray Stormer - incl instructions and box

LEGO 6975 Alien Avenger - incl instructions

LEGO 6915 Warp Wing Fighter - incl instructions

LEGO 8097 Star Wars Slave 1 - incl instructions

LEGO 5974 Space Police Galactic Enforcer - incl instructions and box

LEGO 75094 Star Wars Imperial Shuttle Tydirium - incl instructions and box

I have some others as well, but I haven't disassembled them yet. Make me an offer. I'm comparing their value to their Ebay going price, but if you come take them off my hands, I'll go under a bit - saves me the trouble of shipping.

Shoot me a message if you have any questions.

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