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Hello Eurobricks! My, so many excellent vehicles have been submitted for my consideration that I just can't choose! I'll have to prevail upon you helpful members to assist me in this task. If you could vote for your favourites I'll know which one to use. As I mentioned earlier, I'll be visiting First place choice in person. The lovely runners up will of course have a lovely hat tag-tophat.png tag-tanhelm.png tag-jthat.png tag-bowler.png and my warmest regards.

There are just a few things to consider when voting : -


Voting Rules:

  • You each have Three (3) points to award.
  • Only members who joined before 1st March 2018 will be eligible to vote.
  • Please state entry numbers and the amount of points you award ( For example: 1 - 2 points, 7 - 1 point)
  • Voting closes on the 10th of May .

So, take a look at all these fine vehicles.

1. All-Terrain Saloon Car by  Sir E Fullner  


2.  A 1930's Stud-baker by eurotrash


3. Adventure Jeep by Dorino


4. Mehadja Inspector by Exetrius


5. 1920 Brickon-Button truck by Mr Lyo


6. a very gray half track by Space Police XVIII


7. Parabellum ARC by iammac

Parabellum ARC

8. Lesters Cliff Top Copter by Hammerstein NWC

Lester and his Clifftop Copter

9. Daimler-Benz Navigator CT by Sci-FiFleetAdmiral 


10. Lester's Bentley Blower by E_MF


11. Dark Green Jungle Machine by Bricknave


12. The Black Crow by kritch


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9: 1 point

12: 2 points


Lots of great entries, and some difficult choices to make. Everybody: well done! :thumbup:

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