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Hammerstein NWC

[Lester] Lesters Cliff Top Copter

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Letters Cliff-Top copter is great for scouting out routes through the jungle or flying short distances across lakes or foothills. His toolbox has everything he needs including a nice selection of sandwiches!

Lester and his Clifftop Copter

Lester has stopped here to enjoy the view from above a valley and perform some routine maintenance.


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16 hours ago, LM71Blackbird said:

Cool little build! I really like the way you designed the helicopter!

Thanks Pal it was a struggle to get detail in to such a small scale but I am pleased with the result!


11 hours ago, Space Police XVIII said:

I really like this.  Deserves bonus points for not being yet another car, also.

Thanks Buddy by the time I saw the competition was running there were so many cool cars I knew I couldn't build anything better so thought I better do something different so it might stand out a bit.

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