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Hello everyone,

This is quite a random review after I had found this polybag in the midst of rummaging my polybag collection. I cannot recall how I got this polybag but I guess I had likely to buy it over at the secondary market due to its scare availability then. In this instance, I am pleased to share this short comprehensive reviewing coverage, so I could document the opening of this polybag for my own record.

Let's take a look back at the Amazing Spiderman 2 movie trailer once more, to refresh the plot and Electro himself. During that time, TLG did not produce any Amazing Spiderman 2 sets and this polybag is an one-off promotional effort for this movie. In Brickset notes, it indicate that it was given free with USD$30 spend on LEGO in TRU, back in May 15. 

Name: 5002125 Electro
Theme: LEGO System / Marvel Superheroes / The Amazing Spiderman 2
Year: 2014
Pieces: 5
Minifigs: 1 minifigure
Resources: Brickset, Bricklink

An original polybag image of the 5002125 Electro

Back view of the original polybag image of the 5002125 Electro

A nice promotional polybag for the Amazing Spiderman 2

I wonder how hard is it to acquire this minifigure. This promotional polybag is specially designed for the Amazing Spiderman 2 and I got this, largely because this is an unique minifigure and I need the Electro to form my Sinister Six. In this case, villains against the Marvel Superheroes are always worthy to add into the collection. 

The LEGO building content

The polybag contains five building parts to form the Electro minifigure. 

The completed built of Electro
This Electro minifigure is unique and LEGO had only released the other Electro minifigure in this design from 76014 Spider-Trike vs Electro  till this date. This design is accurate to the movie reference where Max Dillon is portrayed by Jamie Foxx. Electro's power include able to generate massive quantities of electricity up to approximately one million volts. Electro can employ this electrostatic energy as lightning arcs from his fingertips to kill his targets. He is given a pair of lightning bolts. You can take a closer look at the back printing of the minifigure

Spiderman and some of their unfriendly foes

Fighting against my arch enemy
To conclude, this is an average polybag which you like to get Electro minifigure. I didn't have the other one, so I am glad to have this to add to my Spiderman list of enemies. It is a nice unique minifigure and it is good to get it only if the price is reasonable. I wonder how many of you do remember this villain as this is not a very iconic one unlike Venom or Green Goblin for example. 

Summary review
Playability: 6/10 (Able to integrate with my superheroes minifigures collection well and good)
Design: 7/10 (Minifigure design is nicely illustrated and pretty accurate to the movie reference.)
Price: 6/10 (It will depends on how much you are willing to pay for.)
Overall: 6.3/10 (Average superheroes polybag.)

I gave it a "3" based on my Review Score Card. :wink: What about yours?

I hope every one of you enjoyed reading this simple review of mine. Comments and Criticisms are strongly welcomed.

Pictures can be found in My Flickr.

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Thanks for your thoughts. 

On 4/28/2018 at 2:26 PM, bungeshea said:

Which set of characters did you decide to include in your Sinister Six?

It will be the original Sinister Six, lead by Dr Octopus accompanied by Vulture, Kraven, Electro, Mysterio and Sandman. Unfortunately, there isn't a LEGO Mysterio minifigure, so I had to replace with Green Goblin in this context which quite incorrect. Until I get my Hobgoblin out of the box then.   

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Neat figure, I really need more Spiderman figures and villains, I'm so disappointed I didn't get the sets with Venom and Carnage when I had the chance. 

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