[MOC] Brick Monsters (Lego Monster Manual)

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Brick Monsters is a project I started working on to make a Monster Manual for Dungeons and Dragons using Lego builds for the artwork. I don't have a particular plan on monsters to do.

The first release I did was the Brick Monsters: Otyugh. I've been trying to do two builds for each monster. The first otyugh build was colored similar to the bendable toy released a long time ago. The second has a coloring more consistent with the monster description. It also has a movable mouth unlike the first.






Brick Monsters: Aboleth became my second release. I tried several builds which I didn't like. Eventually I noticed the Guardian from a Lego Minecraft set and built something similar to it's core. The tentacles on the second build aren't are good but I didn't have the tail pieces which would have been better. But aboleths aren't red you say. Maybe it lived around a hydrothermal vent which gave it the unusual color. I prefer the veritcal eyes of the first. I gave the second version a three fin tail to make it feel more alien.






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Brick Monsters: Eye of the Deep is complete. The first version I posted to a different thread a while ago. I had created a beholder but it was big compared to minifigures so I decided to try to make a smaller one. Rather than just build another beholder I made an eye of the deep. Unfortunately that decision killed my goal of making it smaller. Sure the body is smaller but the arms sticking out make it about the same width. The plant piece on the bottom was the inspiration for this build because I thought it would work great for the tendrils under the eye of the deep.


For the second version I was thinking about the fiddler crab and how it has one big claw. I've never seen eye of the deep artwork like that but I thought it would be interesting.


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