[MOC] Trabant Universal 1.1

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Hello All,

This is an attempt to model a cool, nostalgic car from Eastern Germany, the last model of the Trabant factory in Zwickau. I have created this model as a birthday gift to my best friend who used to drive us around in a car like this in his early twenties.

If you like this MOC, you can suppport it on the Lego Ideas site - thanks!

41276974971_c7f04b576d_b.jpgLego Trabant Universal 1.1 by Dan Falussy, on Flickr

26623175097_1c6f3342c6_b.jpgBackview by Dan Falussy, on Flickr

40781190264_f8ac86617b_b.jpgOpenall by Dan Falussy, on Flickr


40781192364_191d825acf_b.jpgInterior by Dan Falussy, on Flickr


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It looks really nice and sleek. Awesome job!

I love that you have made a half-plate offset on the headlights, and I can see you are favoring sturdiness instead of closing that thin line below. That is probably something LEGO would prefer as well if you get it through LEGO ideas.

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