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Maxim I

[ESL - FB - Class 8 & Class 6] The Big Day Tomorrow! [Teasers!]

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--------------------------------------------- Gotheborg (Maxim I) ------------------------------------------------------------------

April 15th 618 AE

Captain Bruno Proximus could not sleep well. He was so excited about the big day tomorrow. After years of loyal service to MAESTRO, commanding smaller trade vessels, he was now given command over the Gotheborg.

The biggest vessel in the MAESTRO fleet so far. Named after the oldest fortress of Stedor, located near the harbour: Gotheburgt (translated: Fortress of Gothe, who was the son of Dama of Ximus, who founded Stedor). to

A beautifull class 8 New Terraman, armed with 30 guns.

In his imagination, he already could see himself standing on the stern, overwatching the vessel. In his dreams, an Oleon officer somehow managed to get tied to the mast, while an Oleon sailor was sea sick. But more important, Lord Maximilian Damaximus and his wife were also on board, approving the qualities of Captain Bruno Proximus.

Such a nice dream... But it still is a dream, as the real version luckily has a rudder...








--------------------------------------------- La Comète (Legostone) ------------------------------------------------------------------

While dreaming, an other new MAESTRO vessel joined the trip. La Comète, a powerfull heavy frigate with amazing details. Built by the never stopping ship warves of Jerome Monezterrel ( @Legostone )








Thanks for watching! For full pics of the Gotheborg you will have to wait a little bit. I hope you enjoy the teasers!

Gotheborg will be licenced as a Class 8 by me

La Comète as a class 6 (by Legostone)

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That's a pair of powerful ships, full of nice details. The Oleander admiralty is highly concerned by the sudden expansion of greenies naval power.:pir_tong2:

@Maxim I I recall someone has already said in the shipwright thread that your Gotheborg is better looking than the real one, and I still want to say she's a beauty, and the inverted tumblehome is amazing.

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Very lovely ships indeed .... Perhaps more pictures of the lovely dark red tower emerging from the rocks exist somewhere? I would love to see this structure lol.

La Comète (Built by Legostone)

But like I said Pictures dont do them justice Im sure ... Truely lovely ships 

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