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[Ep. XVII] [Empire] [Week 19] Respite

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Personnel Files:



Pom Be, Stormtrooper TK-8554, callsign "Fiend"
Rookie Stormtrooper assigned to Razer Squad, led by Sergeant Tarina Dooze.

Tarina Dooze, Stormtrooper Sergeant TK-947, callsign "Sadist"
Leader of Razer Squad, which, while not considered an elite Imperial unit, has developed a reputation for being exceedingly ruthless under Tarina's leadership. 

Sever Gohlan, Stormtrooper TK-4444, callsign "Sparkles"
Veteran Razer Squad Stormtrooper.

Corren Goohee, Captain of the Imperial Carrack class cruiser Seeker
An aging Imperial naval officer with no notable achievements, assigned to a second line Imperial starship. Oversees Razer Squad.



Currently, on the Forest Moon of Endor...

28780968176_5c0337f2dc_t.jpg     Skrogging mountainside!  No shade and no cover!

28780968156_e90be89bcd_t.jpg     There's a lone tree up ahead.  We could take a breather there.

28195071234_56e462fd34_t.jpg     Alright, Razer Losers, you heard "Fiend"!  Let's take five under that tree!





Comments and criticisms are all welcome!

Edited by pombe

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Definitely love the tree!  Has an almost 8-bit quality to it which is fun, and the trunk, roots, and stonework are lovely as well.  :classic:

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