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75532 C-Model - Endor Walker

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I'm not sure if this MOC belongs in the Technic or Star Wars forum, but I'll post it here and let the moderators decide.

I recently picked up set # 75532, Star Wars Scout Trooper & Speeder Bike.  It's a very nice set, but has no alternate build, so I made a C-Model (or B, I suppose) out of it.  Here is what the original looks like:41412541332_2f80017d68_o_d.jpg

Endor Walker

I built a Star Wars-themed walker as the alternate model:



  • Opening cabin
  • Tilting cabin
  • Pivoting feet and legs


  • Cabin with seat
  • Twin cannons
  • Turbine engine under cabin

The legs and feet can be set in many different poses, with each of them moving independently.  The cabin can tilt once the legs are in place, allowing the aiming of cannons.  Here are some more pictures:




Inside the cabin is a seat:



Rear section:





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Nice build Bart. Is it just me that thinks it looks a little like an evil tortoise :classic:

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