MASSIVE Collection - All Factory Sealed - 99% Mint - Unsure what to do with it all...

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Dear all

I am new to Eurobricks but felt it would be a worthwhile experience to join up and share something with you. In essence, I am looking for some help and or advice.

I have been a serious collector of LEGO for around 7 years and have manged to build up, in my most humble of opinions, a rather large collection.

All of my items items are either Marvel, DC or Cuusoo/ Ideas with a very small amount of loose Star Wars minifigures, promotional LEGO giveaways etc.

Every single set, polybag, book, DVD, comic etc has been purchased, bubble wrapped, boxed and stored safely. 99% of the collection is mint and sealed with a few exceptions which are near mint but still sealed. Not one item has been opened.

It has been an obsession of mine for a while and the collection has been built up and cared for extremely well.

However, space is now becoming a bit of an issue so I posed the question to myself, "What on earth am I going to do with all this LEGO?"

In summary, I have 310 lots made up from sets, keyrings, books, dvds, polybags and specials. I have multiples of some sets. I have every single Cuusoo/ Ideas set every made, 116 DC Comics lots, 123 Marvel Comics lots and 35 Marvel/ DC keyrings.

With Comic Con and USA exclusives aside, I have every single DC and Marvel set, polybag, magnet, book and keyring released since 2011.

I honestly do not know what to do. Do I keep going knowing that Marvel and DC sets will continue to be released probably after I have gone, do I bite the bullet and sell them all or do I just stop buying and sit on them all for a few years?

Any help or advice would be hugely appreciated.

I have a detailed spreadsheet of the entire collection. If anyone would like to see it, please just ask.

With thanks in advance

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Hi widewheels - welcome to EB!

I think the question that needs to be answered before folks can give any meaningful advice is this:  If everything you've purchased has remained sealed, what was the original intent?  Why did you start collecting Lego originally?  Were you purchasing as an investment to cash out at some point, or is there some personal enjoyment in it for you somewhere?  No judgement or implication meant here, but if everything is just purchased and then put away in boxes, is it just a bit of an OCD thing where you feel compelled to collect them even though you aren't doing anything with the collection besides possessing it?

If you're only collecting for the sake of collecting, will it bother you if you sell it off (whether or not you continuing buying more sets)?  If there's some aspect you enjoy (like displaying some of the boxes, etc.) then I think it would be a matter of picking favorites or a representative selection of sets to keep and selling the rest.  Of, of course, there's always the option to actually build some of the sets and enjoy that aspect of them as well, and then sell them as complete, near-mint, open-box if you don't want to hold on to them.  :classic:

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Upload your collection to Bricklink - and price it as you go - then you'll have a rough dollar amount for what it's worth (use the price guide to find what MISB sets are going for).

If it's not much, just continue to do whatever you want. If it's a ton, sell them all, probably in one huge lot to a comic enthusiast.

Or give them to me!

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