Dwarven "Big Boomer" Cannon v2.0

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Long ago, I created something that you might remember:


The Dwarven "Big Boomer" Cannon

I love this little thing... but... it has some issues...

It's way too small.

The cannon lacks the ability to adjust elevation.

Doesn't have a, "war-like," feel to it.

I could go on about what I dislike about it...

So I destroyed it!

And made way for...


The Dwarven "Big Boomer" Cannon v2.0


First off, a heavy duty ram was added to the front. Sure, this thing isn't ramming anything by itself, but it is a cool addition.


To add to its overall MOC value, and make it more war-like, I added wheel spikes and the ability for the cannon to angle its shot.


Flag colors were also adjusted to represent the Army of Faermoore. The cannon itself remains mostly the same.


The Big Boomer... BOOMING!!! Using a red, bush piece for the firing action. 


Recent MOC usage for firing.


And why make one? When you can make five!

Overall, I'm quite content with what I came up with. Let me know what you think!

As usual

Decals by Saber-Scorpion.

C&C is always welcome and appreciated!!!


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Nice upgrade to the Big Boomer! My only issue would be the fact that the cannon itself looks made of wood but hey it's fantasy let's say the wood is magically enhanced to withstand blasts!

Too bad TLC doesn't provide us with black or dark brown barrels that size

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Sweet little destruction-spreading machine! Even if it looks now more like a mortar to me I still love it! I don't reckognize the spiki pieces on wheels though... What are they? they certainly arent 1x1 slopes and they aren't 2x2 cones either... It's more like a 1x1 cone... Strange. I've never seen them before. Could You please tell me how are they called? I've already got some ideas of their use :wink:

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These looks pretty cool! Just the right style and proportions for dwarven engineering. :classic:

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