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Oleon's Index of Recurring Characters

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This topic is for sharing recurring characters throughout our various Oleon stories.  Oleon is looking to build stories that intersect.  If you'd like your character to venture into other stories, share your characters here! 


Please use the Oleon Intro Topic to discuss. :thumbup: 
This topic should be for characters only.  Feel free to post multiple characters in one post.
The following general format is recommended for each character:

NAME OF PERSON: A brief description with whatever information you feel is necessary or important to know. Please keep it under 200 words. 

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[INSIDE A SPOILER: Additional pictures of the fig along with relevant links to their story]


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Captain Anthony Genaro: The second son of a successful merchant, Anthony was destined for a life at sea. He spent much of his childhood attending prestigious schools while having his name listed in several ship’s registers, ensuring that he would have plenty of “experience” when he needed to compete for promotions. As such, he quickly achieved the rank of Lieutenant de Vaisseau. During the Juniper War he served with distinction onboard the L’Ocean and his quick thinking during a particularly bloody engagement saved the ship and earned him his promotion to Capitaine de corvette. Due to circumstances out of his control, La Royal has either assigned him ships (or more often, boats) unbecoming of his rank or outright placing him on half leave. Despite these difficulties, Anthony maintains a jocular attitude and can occasionally parlay his near-fluency in multiple languages to his advantage. Like many Oleanders, he has a strong appreciation for Olean culture (and a distain for most others) and he perceives himself as being a Casanova, a trait that landed him in past trouble.

Pierre Lavalette Genaro: Pierre Lavalette Genaro is the current Duke of Vele - a booming coastal region East of Granoleon - and General Intendant of Finances at His Majesty’s Royal Court. As a young man he served in the 10th Vele Household Cavalry before inheriting his titles and joining the Royal Court. Using his formidable fiscal talent and economic expertise, the Duke of Vele has consolidated the royal treasury, and reformed Oleon’s taxation system. Most who interact with the Duke would describe him as cold, stoic, dispassionate, yet incredibly perceptive. Those who know the Duke well would also mention his ambitious nature and absolute loathing towards all things Corrish. Some attribute he loathing to an injury obtained during the Juniper Wars, but others believe something else drives his hatred.

30874155303_447804c035_q.jpgAn Unwelcome Visitor by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr

Henri Hollande: Few people know much about Henri Hollande’s past, but his present activities are well known. Best known as the ever-inebriated mayor of Lavalette, he is occasionally given important assignments, such as leading a delegation to Terraversa. Honesty, fluency in many languages, and decent leadership skills are his only obvious positive attributes, while his numerous shortcomings include a lack of diplomatic skill, an inability to manage issues, and general stupidity. Despite his apparent lack of qualifications to manage anything, he must have some hidden skills since Lord Vele appointed him to lead the RNTC’s new-world headquarters.

37571132076_6a59a7885c_q.jpgA-MCRA Beginning by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr

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Chef d'escadre Thierry Lagaufre: Loyal servant of King of Oleon, Thierry Lagaufre's family fought for the glory and honor of the royal house for generations. Like all the warriors and knights of the region, he practices cold steel combat skills since his childhood, then, he joined the Corps des mousquetoires du Roi, he learned how to use flintlocks. Years of exercices granted him a formidable physical strength, thus he prefers use blunt weapons and axes in combat. No need to say that all these activities took a lot of time, leaving him  very little opportunities to learn something else, for example, reading, so he is practically illeterate. After half of his life spent in the army, he found a wife, got children, and eventually retired from the active service. He returned to his homeland, hoping to savour the warmness of family life. Now, hearing the call of the King to explore the New Terra, he decided to offer once again his service to his majesty. 


Le Duc d'Ablette: Secrétaire d’État des Colonies, Grand Officier de l’Ordre Royal de Saint-Arltrees. Descending from a long line of belligerent lords, the Duc d'Ablette fought bravely for the crown in many battles, earning esteem and the support of his troops. However, he knew nothing of and was uninterested in politics, making the Crown reluctant to offer him any post in the Court. But with the sudden departure of certain Oleon leader, he was highest ranking aristocrat available to serve in their absence. 


Maître Romain: Mayor of Eltina, he was a veteran mousquetaire and professionnal fencer, he lost a leg during the Juniper War. Due to this disability, he was forced to give up fencing, nevertheless, he managed to stay in the army, while subsidizing on half pay, bur his luck changed recently, when his old friend, Thierry Lagaufre recommended him to Duke de Beauregard for a post in Eltina.


Oliver: Olivier has held the post of military advisor in Oleander Embassy in Mardier, he was appointed as aide de camp of Hollande for his diplomatic background, he was lastly seen at Westface.


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Name: Jean-Baptiste de Moncey

Bio: Jean-Baptiste de Moncey is the fourth son of the Lord de Moncey, the only son of Lord de Moncey's second wife. As the foruth son, Jea had the ability to follow in whatever road he wanted. His elder brother was to be a noble, his second older brother was a captain in the Orleon Navy, and his third brother became a priest of the Faith. While Jean may have been a womanizer and have had close calls with the law, he had never gotten into any trouble. Well until he was acused of starting a brawl with a captian in the Orleon Navy. Taken before a judge he was given two option, one renouce his titles and enter into the Orlean Army, or keep his titles and be sent to a far of colony as a prisoner for ten years. Prefering his fredom over a few titles (again the fourth son so not much left inheritance wise) he chose the first option. He back his bags and went to the city of Breshaun to await further instructions.

41287617012_b5479abafc_n.jpgJean-Baptiste de Moncey by Mike Mercado, on Flickr

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