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Sir E Fullner

[Lester]: All-Terrain Saloon Car

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When traveling around the world, it always seems one has to sacrifice style for substance. Not anymore, with the all-new:

All-Terrain Saloon Car


This attractive model comes complete with an all-leather interior, opening doors, folding windshield and a rack on top for carrying luggage and cargo (or in this case, a cooler filled with sausages). Inside is enough room for one minifigure, along with some trunk area for suitcases or small parcels. The rubber tires can counter the toughest terrains, while the low-slung body allows for achieving the highest speeds possible.


On the back, there is more area for carrying accessories, like a frying pan for camp cooking and a red tail-lantern so cars can't crash into you on the highway.


And there we have it, folks: a car that combines both style and substance for a truly enjoyable ride. Pick yours up today and travel the world in style!

Feel free to question and comment, and thanks for watching, folks!

Always entertaining, always inspiring, always:

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