[GBW] -- STWE - Swintoc -- Open Borders

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Moments after Swintocs announcement to accept refugees, many have already began the transition process. 


Built for a speedy transition for all refugees, the border is not without its defenses. Guard dogs sniff for any problems, while fences and weapons keep people from swarming the checkpoint. 


Papers please. While almost every refugee from Xenor has had the borders open to them, some of Xenor's more unwanted and lucrative citizens will have to resort to more shady methods to gain entry.


Off-duty Swintocian guards can be seen here enjoying their lives, a stark contrast to the rest of the brick world.





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Good details! Those modified plates are among the best options to simulate barriers, fences...

And good mobile light beams!

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Judges’ comments…

Very nice idea playing out from the Brick of Nations. I believe this has not been done yet so nice job. I thought the idea of guys playing ball right behind the border fence was a little bit strange but other it was funny. I would have liked to have seen a little bit more detail given the size of the build like maybe some texturing of the grounds in the way of say some sidewalks, different colored walk ways, or tiles. Overall, a nice little build  

 I like the fences, excellent choice as those are perfect.  Off duty playing ball seemed...out of place.  Might want to leave that out next time, but that's my opinion.  Pics outside looked well lit, good job!  The size was right, but maybe delve into a lil more detail in the builds.  Otherwise, great job!        

A fine build with some decent details. The terrain could use some more texturing, and I would recommend getting a sheet or something to serve as a backdrop for your pictures.  

Be Sure to Update Your AARs. 

Thanks for playing!

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