Settlement: Poppy Port, Sabre Island, Sea-Rats

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Factory: Large Clothing Factory

Commerce: Large Clothing Shop

Residence: Large Residence



51058384311_ab318510ec_b.jpgPB01 by Philippe, auf Flickr

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Artisan: medium

Yasmina's hookah beach bar



---sorry guys as soon as I will be able I will create separate thread and change this post to link.

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Artisan: small

Abdul's shishkebab tent - Roaring dragon




Abdul is refusing to enter the sea in his life again. He stubborny disagree even with walking at the shore and threaten us that he will rather die as a fast food vendor in the middle of nowhere than coming back to the boat. Well, at least he is excellent cook and his kebabs are legendary on both sides of Drolitic cean by now. To be fair its kinda easy to have best kebabs when the nearest concurention is 2.000 miles away but half of the sailors in docks are allready swearing that this is the second best hangover cure they ever found (right after rum).

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