[MOC] One character, three ships (Delta 7B, Eta 2, T 47)

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Hello again!

Today i present You my recent recolours of my favourite Star Wars ships. None of them is really my MOC, they are all based on wonderful designs of others. 

First one is Delta 7B based on great design of IcarusBuilds. It was really fun to reverse engineer from photos, i then added some dark greens, dark reds, sand green and voila!


Second one was Eta 2 Actis Class Interceptor. Luckily for Boba Fett fans LEGO Official set 75135 comes in dark red so all i had to do was changing few parts.


I managed to snap "family" photo 


Last one is T 47 Airspeeder. Few months ago i built Larry Lars snowspeeder. and yesterday i thought it would fitting to recolour it too. Unlike 75135 i had to swap almost all parts. 


Why no family photo? To make T-47 i had to strip down previous ships.

I hope You like it, more photos in my Flickr albums here

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