Hello everyone! I have had an idea. A terrific one, if I may say so myself. You know how in grade school, you always had these group projects, where you'd split up the work between everyone in the group? Well, how about we do that, but with a model? EX. someone builds the front axle, another builds the frame, one builds the roof, etc. It is purely speculation, at this point, but I would like to hear your thoughts!   Edit:  Good morning, everyone! Here is the full layout of the model. I will update this reply with names as people join in. Plan: We build an all-wheel-drive, mid-engined supercar using these wheels. The total width of the car will be 23 studs, length as needed. It would feature a four-speed gearbox, butterfly-wing doors, and pop-up headlights.   Positions: Project Manager- @letsbuild Designers Front Axle- @KikoTube Framework- @Didumos69 Rear Axle- @Aventador2004 Engine- @IA creations Gearbox- @BrickbyBrickTechnic Doors- @Offroadcreat1ons Adjustable Rear Wing- @TechnicRCRacer Bodywork- @Jeroen Ottens* Interior- Builders: #1- @letsbuild #2- @BrickbyBrickTechnic #3- @Aventador2004 #4- @Carsten Svendsen *undecided Click here for the current LDD file. If there are any complaints, let me know, and I'll try to work everything out.