ABBA Arrival (LEGO Ideas)

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I would like to present my newest LEGO Ideas project. It will be followed by one more set in a few days (I hope). Both are tributes to the famous Swedish pop music group ABBA. The present set is based on the cover of the group's fourth studio album Arrival, released in 1976 and containing super hits like Dancing Queen and Money, Money, Money. The proposed set contains a helicopter of model Bell 47 as well as four mini figures, one for each of the members of the group. Here is a link to the project:


And here are some pictures:






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Hmmm, I love the Bell 47, and I unironically dig ABBA, so considered this supported. I feel it has only a slightly better chance of being selected than an actual ABBA reunion tour happening, but the best of luck to you!

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Thanks K_Tiger for your support! Actually I've heard that ABBA will make a new Australian tour in 2019 - as holograms! I don't know if it's true, but if it is, maybe they can fly there in my LEGO helicopter. :wink:

Thank you beverly888! I thought the string was a nice solution for the diagonal cross bars. But unfortunately I couldn't manage to make it work in LDD.

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