[MOC] Snow groomer with winch

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Hello everyone,

I would like to show you my first MOC, except things I build as a "grom". It´s a snow groomer inspired by the PistenBully and winch is more like Prinoth.

27309062918_971d10d271_c.jpg9 by Jan Zavesky, on Flickr


1 piston for moving the tiller

2 small pistons for extensions of the tiller

5 pistons for moving the front blade and another two for the side wings

manual pump with one air tank and 6 valves

bogie suspension for the white wheels and tiller suspension

rear axle is connected via transmission to a fake V6 engine.

transmission only function is connect or disconnect the rotation of the tiller as the think is moving, it´s controlled by the white lever in the cab

manual rotation of the winch and manual winch with gear worm

41183324761_2324ee67ff_c.jpg1 by Jan Zavesky, on Flickr


lenght: 50cm

width: 35cm

height: 24cm

weight: about 2130g

26310659437_42773f212c_c.jpg10 by Jan Zavesky, on Flickr

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Nice work, and welcome to Eurobricks! I do think that the tracks need more support, and the tiller might need a change of color, but overall it's quite good.

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