Captain Green Hair

MOC: Le Fleuron, 1729 third rate French ship of the line.

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On 11/19/2018 at 2:11 PM, Legostone said:

Green/tan frigate

dark blue/tan frigate

For this year participating in one of these gatherings is a bit too late, we are meeting this weekend at Brickmania Antwerpen, but next year there is another chance :pir-wink:


4 hours ago, Cousarmy0001 said:

What's the link?

See the post of Legostone :)


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Hello everyone, I'm new on this forum ... I'm very passionate about the pirates theme and I'm trying to make a ship with the captain green hair technique ... I would like to ask you a more expert question.
When using the construction technique with hinges and jumpers it gives a nice curve effect to the hull, but then when you have to do the handrails on the deck of the ship you notice the differences because of the jumpers.
How can you solve this problem so that you do not notice?
Thank you all :)

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If I'm understanding your question correctly, I would recommend ending the rails at those points, and finding a reason to justify it, such as putting a carronade there, or connecting your rigging there.  I only have one ship actually built that uses the technique (the rest are too small to justify the effort), but that's what I did on it.

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