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Technique help - Fixing 30292 Flag 7x3 with rod rigid

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Hopelessly specific, right? I've spent a long time trying to get a connection right, can you help?

I need to fix these:{"color":15,"iconly":0}

to be rigid so they don't move left or right when pressed lightly from the flag end.

Ideally it's a minimal connection, but now I'm interested in any way it can be done.

I've went through the Flickr techniques group but didn't see anything yet.

It can be done by using the lever bases without levers stuck on top and/or bottom a bit away from the rod where the texture of the flag part changes and by at least one clip on the rod, or it can be done with 3 clips on the rod which allows a bit of movement. Either of these is my best guess for now.

Thank you!

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