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Captain Genaro

L'Arsenal Royal d'Astrapi - The Royal Arsenal of Astrapi: Master Index

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This topic serves as the master index for L'Arsenal Royal d'Astrapi - The Royal Arsenal of Astrapi. All relevant builds are listed below. Please direct comments on individual builds to their respective topics.








Here is the original request for builders. 

L'Arsenal Royal d'Astrapi - The Royal Arsenal of Astrapi

His Majesty is concerned that the speed as which Oleon's colonies in New Terra develop does not reflect their rapidly growing importance for the realm. Especially Astrapi is turning into a port of great value with growing convoy traffic each month. However, infrastructure and economic capacities are not keeping up, limiting not only our merchants profits but even more importantly our military presence in the region as well. To correct this situation, His Majesty has ordered the Royal Office of the Colonies to issue a development plan for Oleon's overseas possessions.

The first project to be realized is the establishment of a Royal Arsenal in Astrapi.


  • this is a building collab aiming at the creation of a royal sized factory to be owned by Oleon (see the Royal Mint and Château Richemont for previous Oleon collabs)
  • the collab is to be completed by the end of the year
  • the build itself will encompass a number of MOCs to match the necessary footprint of 10.000 studs
  • this program is open to all Oleanders 
  • builders can take inspiration from suggested parts below, or - after consultation with OL leadership - build what they seem fits best
  • suggested parts: (cannon/anchor) foundry, carriage factory, barracks, officer academy, storage, barracks, ammunition factory, armory, powder mill, parade ground, (entrance) gate house
  • the arsenal will be expanded in the future, naval installations will follow
  • for more background on a real life arsenal, see for example the Royal Arsenal in Woolwich, GB
  • as a reward for participation in this building program, all participants will be paid twice the value of what their contribution would be worth as a license (small, medium, large properties)
  • in addition, all participants that take part in two royal building programs will be dubbed Knight of the Royal Order of Saint Arltrees. Past participation (Royal Mint, Château Richemont) does count.
  • it should go without notice that contributing to Oleon's growth and fame is every of His Majesty's loyal subjects' duty!
  • Note that royal properties are held to high standards. As such, if you plan on joining this collab, be prepared to put forth your best effort. Building advice will of course be provided in the process.



Berart Mazan

Duc de Boussac, Secrétaire d’État des Colonies, Grand Officier de l’Ordre Royal de Saint-Arltrees

Granoleon, Nov. 11th, 617AE


Vive le Roi!

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