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moc Modular Haunted house (based off 2x 10228)

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Hey guys

So, back when the 10228 was available, I instantly thought I'd love to see 2 of them together as a big moc, but it was a while before I got 2, and then life happened so I didn't get round to it. I eventually started in LDD as space was still a premium, but kept getting stuck on progress and where to go with it, how to make it work, how to imagine what it would be like rather than simply having something real as a reference (like an at-at) and converting it to lego (what I'm better at). 

It's been well over 4 years now since I started it on LDD. But I now feel I'm at a point where I'd be happy to build it, exterior finished, despite the interior lacking in furniture. 


Here's the thing. I'm really happy with it. But... I feel its missing something (other than furniture!)... Something that gives it a 'wow' factor, which I get seeing other people's mocs. Maybe it's because I've looked at it so damned much that it's just nothing special to me anymore, that it's been such a grind to get to this point. 

Anyway, without further ado, here's (hopefully) pictures! 

Front :





Ohhh! There's some portraits on the wall with a previous Mr and Mrs of the mansion! They look glum and eerily real... 


Ahhh! Their faces turned angry! (with a simple pull of a technic axle the heads change to angry faces, there are 2 sets of heads. Not enough space to fully rotate, but can also rotate left and right a bit to look like they're following you with their looks!) 


Ground floor entrance with spiral stairs to the right to go up to first floor, and the living room to the left. Leading from that goes to the kitchen with just a cooker. Up from there leads out to the conservatory. 


An organ with bone chair I'm trying to design, for the living room. 


First floor. Left side is a living room/hobby room/study or something. In the middle in the master bedroom. I accidentally deleted all the dark red pieces so the left room has floor tiles missing g and the bed covers disappeared, seems I saved it when I did that too! Ensuite on the right. Bright red parts are wip and not finalised. I'm struggling with creating my own bathroom stuff. 


The dresser in the top left will have a 2x4 tile as a mirror, which will fit in the clips, just not in LDD. I'm quite pleased with that. 

Also, the floor bat is semi 3D!



Loft area. Every creepy haunted house has secret deaths in it, this is no different! Skeleton in the chimney, but this one's come alive and breaking out! Ahhh! There is a light brick just above it inside the chimney, it'll have a glow in the dark head. Light brick activated by pushing the top centre 4 chimney pots. Am quite pleased how it works, well hidden. 


A creepy mirror in the top right, with cobweb in the left, and a coffin! Too scary to look inside it though, might be a dead body, or a vampire! 




The top spire will come apart in 2 sections. These are always the most imposing aspect of a haunted house, that single round window hinting that something could be up there, watching you! 


Oh no! It's a dead body hanging from the spire! There was something creepy behind the window after all... Wonder what the story behind that skeleton is... 

The red bricks will be replaced by string so it can actually swing there. 



Thanks for looking! 

I look forward to any suggestions for improvements or what to add for furniture in what rooms etc... I want to stay away from electrical items such as a modern TV, microwave, or computer etc, I want it to have an older feel to it. 








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That's some good work. The changing portraits are genius, even if they do bulk out the wall a bit. I'm sure you could find something else to hide in that space as well; perhaps just a cupboard for the kitchen built into the unused bit. The light brick is another clever integration, I'd love to see how effective that is in real life. 

(Hint: to get clean screenshots of LDD, press ctrl+k; you can save the current view as an image file to your computer! It gets rid of the background and base grid too. Or even just hit "print screen" or "prtsc" or whatever it is for your computer, paste it into MS Paint, crop it a bit and save and upload it. Either way is better than taking a picture of a screen with a camera)

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Fantastic on many levels, especially the tiling, the minibuilds, the details that make the house seem in disrepair, and of course the portrait feature.  Very unique and lots to see!

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