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DC and Marvel Superheroes that need to be in Lego

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Listed are some superheroes that need to be in Lego form. I'd love it if other people could expand on these ideas, and add their own. 


Green Lantern: 

Atrocitus Big Fig, Arkillo Big Fig, John Stewart, Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner(Green/White Lantern), Carol Ferris(Star Sapphire), Saint Walker(Blue Lantern), Larfleez(Orange), Black Hand, Indigo 1. Maybe more. 


Ocean Master, Mera, Murk, Tula, Atlanna, maybe more. 

The Flash:

Iris West, Joe West, Zoom, New Captain Cold, Heatwave, Wally West, and more (this is where many more could be added)

Green Arrow:

Red Arrow, Black Canary, (Same for Flash, here, many more characters here)

Legends of Tomorrow:

Heatwave(Mick Rory), Firestorm (Martin Stein), The Atom (Ray Palmer), White Canary (Sara Lance), Vixen, Rip Hunter, Nathan Heywood (Steel), Zari (Wind Totem Girl)


John Constantine, Swamp Thing, Solomon Grundy, Shazam, Black Adam, Hawkgirl, Raven, and multiverse other earth variants of existing characters. 

Marvel: (Not entirely sure about all of these characters, need some help)

Beast, Nova, Deadpool, Tons of X-men. 



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2 hours ago, Digger of Bricks said:

There are already two designated wishlist topics for these discussions:



Okay. Thanks! I'm new here, so I wasn't sure. I'll post them in their respective topic discussions. 

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