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See replies in this thread for NEW models - I have consolidated all models from Ep. VIII from other topics in to one thread (I had time on my hands during lockdown!)

Models in this thread - 





A nice simple model this time.  Supreme Leader Snoke's massive starship from Ep. VIII.

The only slightly tricky part was getting all those engines on without the model becoming too high.  I managed to get 14 engines on to this little model by staggering the brackets but it is still not enough to be completely accurate.  Overall a nice simple build which gets the message across.

How tricky can a flying wing be? :wink:

Hope you like it.





and on display planets stye with Snoke himself:




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Lovely little build, despite the shortage of engines you’ve captured the look of the ship really well. It’s a great accompaniment to the Snoke minifig too, have you done any others to go with this and the Tie Silencer?

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On 3/16/2018 at 12:33 PM, mcphatty said:

have you done any others to go with this and the Tie Silencer?

Certainly have.  Definitley not my first Rodeos: :laugh:  I went thorugh a bit of a Dark Age before EP. VII came out.

Brickshelf (lots and lots of old models in the "REAL" folder - I am aware these could be updated with newer parts which were not available at time of building):


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Hi everyone

With Ep. VIII only just over 2 months away and I am getting rather excited for the release I thought I would build something from the movie! ;-)

There are quite a few good shots of this in the teaser trailer, some die-cast models and of course the System scale model to get some good reference pictures.

The trickiest part was getting the engines in place with the bottom fin.  I ended up using a 5L technic lift arm as I could attach this to two bricks with studs on the sides to hold it in place.

I also think this ship is ripe for a future polybag so I thought I would get in first! ;-)

Here it is, let me know what you think.




HI again everyone

This time I present the new Tie from TLJ - the Tie Silencer as flown by Solo Jr.

The main problem with this ship was the long thin panels.  At first I used a clever technique with horizontal hinges and an upside down 2x4 wedge plate but the panels ended up being too close together (as the straight edge of the wedge plate is lower than the tile in the pictures below).  I then moved the attachment of the wings further apart for the top and bottom but that just made the whole model look too tall.  Not to mention that the wings looked too thick.

In the end I admitted defeat and just used 2x4 wedges for the front of the panels.  Hint to LEGO - can we have some 2x6 wedge plates please! ;-)

Anyway the final model looks pretty sleak and streamlined and looks pretty cool (i think anyway!) all in black.  Let me know what you think.

Any comments welcome.






Hi all

I have tinkered a little bit with this model.  Not a huge amount but it does look a lot better in my opinion.

I have removed the 1x1 round plates which acted as the turrets and added some tiles on the surface to give the effect of the seam.  This leaves 26 whole studs visible on the surface, and apparently according to wikipedia there are 26 surface turrets on these monsters.  Good enough for me! 

I have also changed the front slightly so I could taper off the wedge plates using 2x4s all the way back for the bottom part.  There were 2x3s at the back previously.

All in all it looks cleaner.

Completely new models soon.






Hi again everyone

This week I present another new model from EP. VIII, the yacht stolen by DJ, the Libertine.

This model has turned out to be quite an expensive little model with various bricklink orders for rebuilds, rare parts (looking at you those white tree palm pieces in particular) and the DJ figure.

I have tried to keep this as sleak as possible and I think it looks quite cool.  It helps when the source material looks good to begin with and it was certainly nice to build something in a colour other than grey! :wink:  To keep the sleak look there are a few hidden technic bricks and bricks with studs on the sides inside the build to hold it all together so the model does not become too tall.  The engines and front pylons are all held together with umbrella stand pieces.  It is also studless to give the sleak look.

I am really happy with how this little model has turned out.  I spent longer on this one than I normally would as I really liked the source material.


and finally on display planets style with DJ carrying his reward for selling out our heroes.


Let me know what you think.





Hi again all

With my latest offering i go back to TLJ with the Canto Bight Police Speeder (Zephyr GB-134 speeder to be precise! :classic:).

This is quite a tricky little build to get all the detail in.  The whole thing is built along an umbrella stand with parts clipped on.  The side panels are attached to the umbrella stand using those very useful 1x1 round plates with open stud.

And for this model a first for me, a custom minifigure made with all official parts.  I would guess sooner or later a sysytem set of this might appear so he will then get replaced.

Let me know what you think.



and on display planets style.



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Hello again everyone

This time I am going back to The Last Jedi with this new little model.  I present The V-4X-D ski speeder, also known as the Resistance ski speeder seen in the Battle Of Krait.

I have tinkered around with this little model for a while.  You would think it would be quite an easy build but to get the dimensions etc "correct" took a couple of tricks.

The cockpit has been built using bricks with studs in the side and is attached to the main body using 1x1 clip tiles.  The gun on the other side has had to be attached using hinge plates to get a piece that is 5 studs long otherwise the wings become too thick. 

My favourite part of this little model is the rear section and the rudder.  The steering wheel with the T-bar and 2 clip plates attached do the job perfectly I think.  In fact this was the first part I built and the rest of the model and scale was determined by this section.

Anyway let me know what you think.




skispeeder5.jpg  skispeederdisplay.jpg


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Hello again everyone

I thought as this was another simple model like the Ski Speeder I would post this in the same thread.

The Xi-Class shuttle is the shuttle Rose, Finn and BB-8 use to escape the Supremacy.

The trickiest part of the build was attaching the wings to the tiny fuselage without making the wings too thick or flimsy and also being able to attach the engines.  Lots of interjoined tiles and plates did the trick - each wing has 12 parts.

Anyway let me know what you think about this one and the ski speeder.

A bigger ship from Ep. VIII is coming soon, maybe not next though!






HI again everyone

The final bricklink order I needed has arrived and as hinted at in the Profundity topic here is the Raddus from The Last Jedi. 

I actually started building this before the Profundity but with all the tinkering and rebuilds it has taken longer.

As with most of my builds a certain piece defines the build and it is then built form there.  For the Raddus it was the wedge for the nose (as discussed in the Profundity topic).  The piece does not come in light bluish or dark bluish grey, so I have used flat silver.  It works fine so no major problem.

From the front I have used wedges and slopes to create the main section of the hull with the main section being 4 studs wide tapering back to 2 studs wide before the engine section using the 10x1 curved slopes.  These slopes have been attached using headlight bricks through the middle of the model so the model is not wider than the wedge at the front.

I have also managed to build the engine cluster at the back and have used 1x1 trans-blue plates for the hangar on either side near the front.

The model flows quite nicely from front to back but as with most Mon Calamari vessels it is very difficult to get the curved shape completely right with LEGO, especially in such a small scale.  I am not 100% happy with this model but I think I have got most of the details in and I am not sure what else I could change without losing the overall feel.   Compromises have to be made in this scale after all.

I also think the Vice Admiral Holdo figure looks cool next to the finished model.

Let me know what you think and Merry Christmas to all!






Hello again everyone

Finally, the house is decorated and I have managed to dig out my LEGO from storage and finish this little model – the Ninka which is one of the capital ships chased down by the First Order in The Last Jedi.

The Ninka is a Free Virgillia-class Bunkerbuster. 

There were a couple of tricky parts to this model.  Firstly how to attach the front side sections and to get the shape.  I settled with the 1x1 round plates without a stud and a couple of grey bars to attach the side parts into some bricks with holes.

Secondly the engine section.  There should be six engines on each side but it took me a while to arrange the parts in such a way so that I could have six engines and keep the shape and most importantly be able to attach them to the main hull!  The first couple of versions only had 3 engines and while this looked good was not accurate.

I am really pleased with how this model turned out.  The few orange parts really make it look cool in my opinion.

Anyway here is the model and let me know what you think.

More MINIs soon.



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