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[COR-WTC] WayMart Trador

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Location: Trador

Type: Medium Commercial

Mordo, Zumbro and an Eslandolan realtor stood at the far end of the quayside, far from the nicer part of Trador. 

"Trador está un ocupado City, friends." Said the Eslandolan realtor, "buildings by the quayside are muy far from each other, and hard to come by."

25941417267_6828497b39_z.jpgWaymart Trador by North White, on Flickr

"Which brings us to this fabelachtig estate." He finished. 

25941417257_c55f5bcbc9_z.jpgWaymart Trador by North White, on Flickr

"Yes, an abandoned warehouse at the far end of Trador is certainly fabulous, especially as it's accented in pink. Who designed this place, that weird Oleonese guy?" Said Mordo sarcastically. 

"Well, I like it." Said Joseph Zumbro. "How much?"

40770853012_1f1f9a670e_z.jpgWaymart Trador by North White, on Flickr

"The price is precio bajo only 100 Dbs." Said the Realtor.

"We'll take it!" Said Joseph before Mordo could react. Mordo groaned. 

"Excelente! It's yours. No takebacks!" Said the Realtor. "100 Dinero in my office by nightfall." He handed them a key. Mordo and Zumbro walked over to the door. 

"What a great deal." Said Zumbro. "You know these Eslandolans are trustworthy because-" Mordo cut him off.

40770852872_b69402c347_z.jpgWaymart Trador by North White, on Flickr

"You idiot! Commercial properties cost a third of that! You were supposed to haggle!" 

"Why? Not my money I'm spending." Said Zumbro, smirking. 

"Get the store completed, or I will leave you here on this apple infested rock..." Said Mordo. He stomped off and away to go get something to drink. 

The team got to work. Sally was the strongest of the group, and was able to carry a heavy chest by herself. Bradley and Karren had to carry a crate together. Joseph held the door, because he was a gentleman, and also lazy. 

26943140858_9903def1ea_z.jpgWaymart Trador by North White, on Flickr

Karren, a makeup expert, was tasked with writing the Logo on the front of the store.

40770852822_b3409f9e54_z.jpgWaymart Trador by North White, on Flickr

The box she was sitting on was placed poorly, and she came to a crash as Zumbro knocked the doors open. 

39002929450_7039539353_z.jpgWaymart Trador by North White, on Flickr

"We put a sign there you idiot!" Said Bradley. 

"Well, I didn't read the sign, you idiot."

Within a day, they were finished. Mordo came back, grumpy as ever.

40812781001_14dd5ac696_z.jpgWaymart Trador by North White, on Flickr

Inside, happy shoppers browsed the Waymart's wares. 

A Corrish Captain browsed pants

40812781661_1f0ee80b52_z.jpgWaymart Trador by North White, on Flickr

The Eslandolan Realtor looked at foodstuffs.

25941417067_97a5e2cbfc_z.jpgWaymart Trador by North White, on Flickr

And other shoppers browsed the store's various wares.

40812781731_3a874241c2_z.jpgWaymart Trador by North White, on Flickr

"I'm actually impressed." Said Mordo. "I guess I'll take you to King's Harbour with me. I've got a ball to attend."

40103772314_7293795cc9_z.jpgWaymart Trador by North White, on Flickr

Agne's private Yacht, the WTC Queen of Hearts pulled up to the Quayside.

40770852612_10c96d5b12_z.jpgWaymart Trador by North White, on Flickr

And with that they were off to establish more Waymarts.

40103772144_b32e824b3b_z.jpgWaymart Trador by North White, on Flickr


Thanks for viewing my build! I had fun making this one look like an American big box store, and I hope it turned out that way. It's definitely not my best build, but I think it captures the ubiquitousness of a big box store. I hope @Maxim I feels that this is a good addition to Trador. Shoutout to @Bodi for obvious reasons. C&C appreciated.

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25 minutes ago, Mesabi said:

that weird Oleonese guy?"

Who? Don't know that guy. An Oleon officer who fancies pink, it must be greenies propaganda.:pir_tong2:

Hilarious story, and good idea to build a wal waymart. Sally is really strong and I'm glad Karren hasn't hurt herself when she fell off.

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Nice! :thumbup:


The story is great (and Joseph is a proper jerk :pir-grin:), and I like the build as well: it is simple but effectivs, and the choice of accent colour for the outside... well, works! The interior is nicely done too, all you really need: pants, pies, apples, pans... and studshooters of course.


The "Queen of Hearts" is a nice addition, I would appreciate some more pictures (different angles) though. Maybe when the story continues in King's Harbour?

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