[COR] At a Post Office in Jameston

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Some weeks ago, in Jameston.


After parting ways with Reinhard Wolffson in the deeper jungles of Celestia, Jewel Garnet had returned safely to Jameston. She was heading to the local post office to get Reinhards letters sent to the Royal Society of Natural Philosophy. And she also had to send a letter of her own...



"Sir, I have to letters to be sent in this bundle. The big envelope is to be sent to the Royal Society of Natural Philosophy, in Arlinsport I guess?"

"Ma'am, the Royal Mail delivers, worry not."

"This small letter is to Osmond Garnet at the "Garnet Inn"..."

"Ma'am, are you sure about the second one? The "Garnet Inn" is ten minutes across town, you could just hand it to Ol' Osmond in person."

"It is to be delivered by mail, thank you sir."

AT7fv9m.jpg KSlZmSP.jpg


Jewel left in a hurry, remembering what she had written just this morning:

"Dearest father,

know that I am well and safe. Having finally had a taste of the world outside, I can not go back to my old life. I will visit you, but maybe not any time soon. Please know that I love you.

Your loving daughter, Jewel"




A small build to continue the storyline from my Orchid expedition, and an attempt at Ayrlegos excellent "Jameston style".

All the letters written by Reinhard should have arrived at the RSNP by now, as this scene is supposed to have taken place weeks ago IC. I have no concrete plans where to take Jewel from here, only time will tell.


More pictures:






C&C appreciated, as always.



I would like to donate this build to the settlement of Jameston, so feel free to license it as you see fit. It could be either a small artisan (providing a "service") or small arts and culture (by being government property).

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Very nice build Drunknok. The use of horns on the front is a nice detail. The building turned out very nice! Keep up the good work!

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Nice little facade Drunknok, I especially like the use of the horns as a symbol for the post office.

i appreciate the offer for licensing, I’ll look to license in the name of the crown by the end of the week.

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Nice postoffice, good design of the front with the brown arches. and nice scene inside with the writing desk and the box full of mail.


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I like Jewel's story.

Your jungle build with the orchid was great too, but I can't comment there now, because that was already two months ago.

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