The Great Brick War

CP6 - Race to Safety - 3/13/18/18 - 5/7/18

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Campaign 6
Race to Safety

Map Name: Studica
Grid:  F10 Oscar
Time:   2345


An agent with the Plighia Special Services makes contact with Xenor rebels who have ties to the Servants of Freedom. The agent is hustled passed the men into a pickup truck heading who knows where....


Ten minutes down the road the truck stops and picks up an agent from Toohati along the same highway and keeps driving.  38954828780_521d2fe7f1_z.jpg 

They drive for over an hour with neither exchanging any information or pleasantries. They arrive at a warehouse just south of the border with Swintoc. Both agents are brought inside where they meet a man named Victor who explains he is with the Servants of Freedom and extends warm regards from Caesar, their point of contact who is unable to join them.  26894654018_0af1a5c065_z.jpg 
Victor informs both of the agents that they will be taking a trip to a Xenor Army Base - Location Oscar, where they will intercept intel with the SoF. Victor cracks open a crate and starts handing out Xenor Army uniforms and Gear. 

Once suited up, they all get back in the truck and make their way to base Oscar. While enroute to the location, both agents wind up divulging to the other which government they are with. This is accompanied by heightened tension sitting with their enemy. 


They have no problem getting on the base. It becomes clear to the agents that the SoF clearly has contacts in high places. After passing through the check point and driving for 10 minutes down a long road in the base, the truck stops in front of a large concrete building. They all get out and two of the SoF members start carrying a crate toward the front door of the building. Victor exchanges greetings with the guards who ask for paperwork. Victor motions his men to bring the crate over. 


They crack open the crate to reveal their "paperwork" to the guards who naturally let them pass without issue. The guards on duty were placed there by SoF personnel embedded in the Xenor military just for this reason. 


Victor takes the two agents inside while the rest of his men stay outside pulling watch. While inside, the three men pass through the tight airlocked hallways. 


They come up to a solid enforced door with a single guard standing watch. He has been radioed by the guards at the door to let them pass through. 


The three men walk into what looks like an armory and see several boxes and crates that appear to be in the process of getting ready to ship out. Victor looks at one of the manifests on a crate and asks the agents to help him open the crate. They look at each other in hesitation and proceed figuring they've already come this far already. 


The agent from Toohati peers inside the crate and sees with his own eyes a Nuclear Warhead half way prepared to be used as with an explosive primer. Victor starts telling them that the SoF personnel they have embedded in the military tipped them off about a massive operation to smuggle WMDs around the continent into all of the other nations for use. 


The Plighian agent stands in disbelief and snatches the manifest out of the other agent's hands to read it with his own eyes. This particular package was being sent to Erotema.


Victor and his Personnel carried the crate out and loaded it into the truck. Both agents accompanied them back into SoF territory. Before dropping the agents, Victor told them action would be needed to prevent Nuclear Armageddon from happening and that they would need to work together to eliminate this threat or it would be their own downfall. 


With the revelation surrounding the Nukes found in Xenor, RON and COAC forces have agreed to launch a full scale invasion into Xenor in an attempt to secure military installations suspected of harboring WMDs.  

Campaign Guidelines 

  • RON and COAC forces should be shown engaging Xenor forces at locations across the country in an effort to secure possible WMD sites.  

  • There are 16 sites in total. RON and COAC forces will need to coordinate their movements to ensure that all 16 sites are covered. In the event a site is missed, the circumstance does not need to be explained. 

  • The terrain is temperate and cool. Often very windy and wet. 

  • All builds must be posted as a new topic in the “Great Brick War” subforum, the title prefixed by, "(GBW- CP6)" followed by the Country you’re representing, and then your MOC’s Title. Example "(GBW- CP6) Filace - Ouch that stings)"  
  • Neither side should show their forces definitively destroying the opposition. Showing successes is okay, but not total domination. The winners of the campaign will be decided based on the points awarded from judging. This means if your team doesn't score well, it's possible for your forces to be beaten back.
  • All LDD Builds must be labeled- Example: (GBW- CP6) Country - Title of build (LDD)
  • All builds must be new MOC’s and not prior builds. 
  • Photo Editing is to be kept to a minimum with only real edits of lighting and color correction. No special effects. Players may crop one picture of their MOC onto a background picture to help with their landscape if they’d like. 
  • Pictures cannot be bigger than 800x600
  • Players may post a link to an offsite host such as Flickr where Higher Resolution pics are located. 
  • Be cool and share your photos in the GBW Flickr Group!
  • Please refer to the General Rules Topic for limitations based on your Point Level.
  • Upon completion, players must also post a link to their build in the AAR Thread as well letting the judges know that it is eligible for scoring. 

Campaign Duration 3/13/18/18 - 5/7/18

All builds will not be finalized until the closing date for the campaign. Players can edit their posts up until that point. As long as it is 5/7/18 somewhere in the world, you can submit. Use this as a deadline

The Outcome

Both teams are working to prevent a nuke from going off.
-In the event all of the sites are covered, Xenor will be disarmed and the RON and COAC will need to help stabilize the region and establish a new government in Xenor through the Brick of Nations. 

-If a site is missed, both sides will be on the hunt for missing WMD and at total risk.

All players who participate will be awarded the points they earn for each build.

Minifigs outfitted courtesy of one of our sponsors, Be sure to check out their site and all of the great products they offer to build up your armories!





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You mention 16 sites. What are they?

Also, from what I understand, each player needs to create a MOC for a particular "site", 16 in total.  That means 16 players MINIMUM. Correct?

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Perhaps that is a question you should discuss with your teammates and look at your intel with the RON? 

16 Sites are suspect and subject to clearing. How it gets done is up to the COAC and the RON.

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Posted (edited)

We are adding a universal piece of Intel here for the campaign after having a staff discussion.

Not all of the 16 Sites have WMD. Certain sites that have been agreed upon by the staff already have been listed.

For this reason, player builds should NOT show them finding or destroying the WMD UNLESS they have hard Intel proving a site has WMD prior to their build. The results for the sites that were unknown prior to building will be revealed after the campaign has ended. 

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On 3/13/2018 at 6:41 AM, The Great Brick War said:

The terrain is temperate and cool. Often very windy and wet. 

Is that portraying a more northern European style terrain or something like the Falklands?

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Campaign is closed. Thank you to everyone who submitted builds!

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So early on in the campaign, the staff decided which sites had WMD. Here they are and what was covered:

Oscar - (SoF Took this Site)
Echo -  LegoRacer1
Bravo - Adamsons
India - Johannsuued
Juliett - Stash2Sixx
Hotel - Leonardo da Bricki
Papa - 
Mike - Sigpro


So......... as you can see one site was missed. And it looks like the only reason it was missed is because people failed to submit builds on both sides that had committed. Neither side has reached out to me regarding any extenuating circumstances, so this stands as a loss and Campaign 7 will reflect that. 

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That doesn't seem good... Lead suits and anti Radiations pills for everyone !

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