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Train MOCs and Builders - Who/What is Your Inspiration?

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This guy on both Flickr and LEGO Ideas has been on a bit of a building binge with "fantastical quintaplex" locomotives, something I've seen at least one other builder do multiple of more recently. Here are two of his best builds:

Emerald Champion and The Big Red 




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Does anyone know any good four-stud-wide train designs? My layout doesn't have room for a proper train setup, but I am considering implementing an elevated rail using the new roller coaster parts. Does anyone have any advice?

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Posted (edited)

My inspiration comes from the desire to have a diverse stable of motive power in my "roundhouse." I like to build mostly North American steam digitally and have, started to realize those designs in brick form (a 4-4-0 and a Big Boy). But I also really like having the sets. My hope one day is to build a roundhouse for my collection, which by that point should fill a roundhouse the size of PennLUG's. Speaking of whom, I am inspired by their attention to detail and have supported their building and design efforts. I enjoy designing locomotives more than rolling stock so BMR's instructions are a win-win for me.

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I am a fan of RealRailPunk! My dark ages were finished by the whish to create locos and rolling stock just out of my imagination - and more or less far away from reality. There are at least three sites to get inpiration from:

Sam Berliners phantastic designs but please, this is heap of very oddball (old fashioned?) designed websites, but filled with a wealth of rail phantasies ...

Douglas Selfs collection of unusual locomotives real existing ones in comparison with Sam Berliner (and carefully maintained!)

and last but not least the collection of Luke Bradley on Flickr

Enjoy (and then raiding BrickLink for rare train parts :devil: )

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