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[MOC] Nexo Knights -- Ava's Stone Embassy

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Ava was pretty miffed about getting left out of the third-year sets, so she left Knighton and took up with the rocky remnants of Jestro's stone army.  Desperate for leadership, the surviving stone monsters threw in their lot with Ava.  Styling herself the Ambassador, she has holed up in a waterlogged fortress she calls the Stone Embassy, where she now leads and protects what few stone monsters remain.



A flooded Embassy complex provides great security advantages, but there are some inherent risks, too.



Ambassador Ava is trying to present a friendlier image, but the approach to the Embassy, accessible only by boat, is still a little intimidating.



Today, Ambassador Ava has received Clay in the hope of arranging a formal treaty with Knighton.



First, the Ambassador escorts Clay past the barracks, stopping only long enough to chat with a couple of chess players.



Next she takes him to the lecture hall, where the Ambassador has engaged her troops in a crash course on literacy.  The results are promising!



Clay seems taken aback by the bell tower and its faceless occupant.  The Ambassador assures him that everything is all right and quickly hurries the tour along.



Clay is curious to know what is in the infinity room guarded by Ava's personal heligoyle transport.  Ava invites him to see for himself...



...but at the sight of Ruina, Clay decides to skip that part of the tour.



(All he missed was Krakenskull crackin' away at the piano.)



Ava is quite happy to show off her luxurious accommodations, constructed to her exacting specifications -- a greenhouse, living room, and bathroom.



Her most prized possession is this big-screen TV...



...and her collection of videogames and portable consoles.



The Ambassador invites Clay to take a drink, but he wisely declines, preferring to start the treaty negotiations right away.



He has reason for haste; it seems that the vampirates are lurking outside at this very moment.




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Love it. You can always tell the MOCs that their creators have had a huge amount of fun putting together.

This deserves a showing to my very creative NK-loving offspring, and I can guarantee the response will be along the lines of wide-eyed awesomeness. God help me if he says "can we please build something similar!" :laugh:

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I love the color variation in the waterways! It reminds me of the pixelated water in certain 16-bit JRPGs like Golden Sun.

I've been wanting to try MOCing a mermaid kingdom for Lego Elves, and the use of color in this MOC may well prove inspirational.

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Thanks, everyone!  I sometimes feel like the only AFOL out there who likes the stone monsters, so I tried to make a worthy home for 'em.  It's just too bad that stone monsters can't swim...although maybe that's part of the reason that Ava picked this site for the Embassy.

Oh, and Lordofdragonss -- I am not sure what happened to the krakenbeast, but I hope its fate is better than what happened to Ruina's pets.  Ava declawed them to make the docking bars for the pier.



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