[SoNE Episode XVII] [Empire] [Week 15] The Tarp Part 1...

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Movement all to the right



We just delivered Luke to the main base, and were heading to the shield generator and decided it was getting late to we set up a small camp. I woke up a little early so I went to check out if there was anyone or anything else near.


I first thought they were they were other Stormtroopers, but then I realized it was my brother and girlfriend in disguise.

  33296772801_c7f369ae49_n.jpg   "I thought you died on Alderaann? how did you two survive? 

 (Female Rebel) "We heard Leia's ship was destroyed so we went to  investigate it,on are way back we heard it blew up so we joined the Rebels"

(Male Rebel) "how did you stay with the Empire thinking they killed us?

 33296772801_c7f369ae49_n.jpg   "When I lost you I still had friends in the Empire, they were the only family I had left"

(Female Rebel) "What happened to them?"

 33296772801_c7f369ae49_n.jpg    "One died taking a ship called Saber, and the other died on a beach a few days ago"

(Female Rebel)  "Oh, I'm sorry Charlie"

   33296772801_c7f369ae49_n.jpg  "Where did you get those outfits from?"

(Male Rebel)   "Nowhere.."

Looks around, sees two crashed speeder bikes, two dead biker scout helmets, and a Officer hanging from a tree.

33296772801_c7f369ae49_n.jpg   "Right..."

Suddenly I hear the other troops in my squad coming

(Female Rebel,) "Come on Charlie! We have to go!"

 33296772801_c7f369ae49_n.jpg   "I can't, shoot me in the leg and run!"

As the troopers walk in they look around

  33296772801_c7f369ae49_n.jpg   (other troop) "What happened?"

 33296772801_c7f369ae49_n.jpg  (me) "I woke up to shots, so I came here, by the time I arrived the others were dead, they shot me then left right before you came"

33296772801_c7f369ae49_n.jpg  (me) "speaking of that, why did you come?"

 33296772801_c7f369ae49_n.jpg  (other troop) "This trooper right here(points to a man on his right) was searching the forest when he heard two rebels, one unidentified commander and private Johnson, are bring detonators to a small force to destroy our Hellfire turret. What should we do?"

 33296772801_c7f369ae49_n.jpg  (me) We set a trap that's what we do! All troops prepare to move out! Now!



My camera died!After I got up half of them, I hope judges dont mind but in 20ish minutes my build will be posted. But most photos are up.  I spent for ever changing the text to words and they change back, and now I cant find a charger!:ugh::damn: Just Judge it.

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That sounds frustrating - glad you were able to get this posted though!

I'm still not sure what you're doing to make all the text into hyperlinks.  What system/browser are you using?

Here's how I post from flickr - it's an extra step, but it's probably faster in the long run.

  1.  Click the download icon on the photo you want to use, then select "view all sizes"
  2. Click the size that you want to use.
  3. Right click the photo, and select "open image in new tab" (at least, that's the option in the Chrome browser).
  4. The address of the photo in the new tab should be something like this:
  5. Copy that address, and paste it right into the editing box on Eurobricks.  It should automatically convert the link into an image.
  6. For dialogue pictures, like the stormie head, once you've followed the above instructions once, you can just right click the picture from your post, select copy, and paste it in again.

And, pasting the link above into the editor box gives you this:



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