[MOC] Blacktron Goliath Heavy Tank

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So this is my latest tank. It is a development of my previous tank, the Blacktron Liberator. The Liberator is very fast and fun to play with, but it also has plenty of shortcomings. With this build I tried to eliminate those shortcomings and at the same time be a little more purist: the only non-LEGO item in this build is a Buwizz brick. However this tank is not controlled by the Buwizz app. Instead I've tested @imurvai's BrickController app with this MOC (see video). And that proved to be a very positive experience.

Ever since I've been playing around with Sbricks and Buwizz bricks one thing (well more than one thing to be honest) has bothered me, and that is the lack of any physical feedback. When I am playing with a MOC I am usually looking at it, not at the app on my smartphone. And so it can easily happen that my fingers lose touch with the controls without meaning to. This is totally not an issue when using a gamepad :).


The MOC is powered by 2 XL motors for drive and 2 M motors for rotation, elevation and shooting. 



- Working torsion-bar suspension

- Shooting;

- Driving;

- Turret rotation;

- Gun elevation;


Very roomy tank for minifigs :)


Of course I've also made a video:

Hope you will like it!

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On 12-3-2018 at 10:48 AM, Orange Leader said:

Yeah! I saw this beast in person yesterday and its an impressive BT1 tank for sure!

It was nice meeting you!

Thanks, it was very nice to meet you as well. You are the first Blacktron builder I ever got to meet in real life. And I thought our MOCs made a very nice display. 

On 12-3-2018 at 8:44 PM, Blip said:

I love it, awesome job!

Thanks! :)

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