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Hello from Montreal city, Quebec, Canada

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I'm Yves from Montreal city, Quebec province in Canada.

While I don't consider myself a true AFOL as I don't build big mocs, I still love legos and I love to find out the unlimited creative talent of others.

I'm not into castle, themes etc.  I'm more into buildings, vehicles, technics (I have many technic sets... not the recent ones).

I've been working in the industrial Automation fields (PLC = Programmable Logic Controller) for 30 years and I also own few mindstorms sets :)

But I did not really "played" much with them yet.

I've been off of the scene for about 10 years but recently, I stumbled on my old Lego Interface B (9751 - 70909) and had an Idea.

10 years ago or so, I did some VB.Net project to control this old baby.  Was OK, certainly better than nothing but still lacking of some friendly programming language like we have in Automation.

Then I had an idea to revive the Interface B.

I'm going to share in the proper section if I can find it :)

Here's my old brickshelf gallery:


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Welcome to Eurobricks, Yves.  Nice job on that Snowcat.  Looks like the plows on Montreal sidewalks.  :classic:


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