0-6-6-0 Tank and Tender locomotive [WIP]

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I've started work on the 0-6-6-0 Tank and tender steam locomotive that I was planning, and the first part is complete, in other words, the chasis is sorted.


Attaching both sets of driving wheels was quite hard, considering it's going to be a 0-6-6-0 Mallet tank and tender (I believe Blanche of the Ffestiniog Railway is a good example of a tank and tender locomotive). And yes, the finished locomotive will be powered via PF in the tender. At least the basics are done.

This is still a Work In Progress. Advice is appreciated.

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Not easily, However, the end results are quite good.

This is the underside of the chasis, with added plates to boost the holes.


The swivel is quite wide.


Neutral position,


These are the two sets of driving wheels, I know they're not totally matching, but it works.

And here is the base chasis on curved track. If this was a 0-8-8-0, i would have an even bigger (no pun intended) problem with articulation.
EDIT: Started working on the boiler section. Man, it took a while for me to decide on the shape. I've also discovered that I might have to dig around in my various lego boxes for Red sloped pieces.... At least she's taking shape. And I've actually thought of a name for her, as well as the fictional class....Watch this space.
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Progress report

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Hooo boy, haven't updated this in ages. I hit a snag with the current articulation method. Basically, it wouldn't go around corners smoothly, thanks to those silly edges around the largest chasis available. Back to the drawing board with it...besides, I'm probably gonna have to learn the more advanced articulation methods.

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