Lego MOC LL928 Comes Home space ship and base

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This topic is dedicated to an awesome classic space build "LL928 Comes Home" MOC by Wolf Leews (/instruct. by Jeff McClain). I've just found some days ago on the net. ANd baang.. I want to build it to my kid!!! I was love at first sight. This base is cool, not too big, you can handle, appropriate size for a small exploration outpost and AWESOME!!!! 



Unfortunately the dll or instructions not available anymore...

Can someone help us? Please share the LXF files or instructions with us.


This awesome craft was here also: 


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Yeah, that's just a damn shame that project didn't go any further, but to give it credit, it did get farther with supporters than any other LL928 homage project. Speaking of such, these were these two other Galaxy Explorer submissions that were also pretty darn good, one of them being done by Eurobricks user @ummester.

Galaxy Explorer 2015 and LL 930 Galaxy Explorer

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