(MOC) Large-scale Buzz Lightyear

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Hi all,

Here is my LEGO version of Buzz Lightyear. About a year ago I noticed there weren't too many large-scale, detailed versions of the figure online. So I started putting bricks together, the old-fashioned way, no LDD etc.

I started from the feet and legs up, wanting to use the 8x4x6 cone halves as shins. (Now that they're available in white, thanks to the Saturn V). The 8x4x6 cone halves really set the scale, since they provided the best shape for the legs out of every solution that I tried. Creating the round shape of the chest took quite a lot of work, but I'm pretty happy about the way it looks now.

Things worked pretty smoothly, all the way up until the head. Boy, it's mighty tricky to create a nice-looking face out of bricks in that scale. So, after some attempts I gave into the grand compromise - to sacrifice the proportions and use the smaller-scale head and helmet from the set 7592. Perhaps the lack of Buzz Lightyear builds is largely due to the difficulty of creating a nice face to scale.

I still haven't given up on the brick-built head. Maybe.

What are your thoughts on my effort? You can see more and better pictures on my LEGO Ideas entry. If you think my Buzz has something good goin' on, I would also appreciate your support on the entry :)


Basic hero semi-front 10 per cent.jpg

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Maybe if you could make the torso narrower, It would look more proportioned, because now it looks like Buzz was taking workout tips from Ben Swolo... XD


Otherwise, that's a very cool MOC.

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Thanks for your replies, guys. After staring at this thing for months, you get blind to many of the issues. 

It sounds like a good idea to make the torso a bit narrower. That would also take some weight off.

And I think I'll focus energy on the bigger head. It can't be impossible!

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