[MOC] Police L.E.V. 5

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Police L.E.V. 5 (Light Enforcing Vehicle - Pursuit Class)

Just thought I'd share this with you guys if you haven't seen it yet.


Police L.E.V. 5 (Light Enforcing Vehicle - Pursuit Class)

The LEV is the most common police vehicle in colonies with a sanctioned judicial system all over human explored space. 

Police L.E.V. 5 (Light Enforcing Vehicle - Pursuit Class)

There are several classes of LEV modified for specific tasks. The Class 5 (Pursuit Class) is equipped with multiple types of suppression weaponry, jammers and a local weak inertia suppression field, protecting the pilot from high G-forces during hard accelerations. This is a power consuming ability but the being able to quickly overtake fleeing suspects is clearly advantageous.

Built for 2018 Lego Speeder Bike Contest, Category: "ENFORCE" 

This MOC started with the Throwbot Visor (Windscreen) and then I just tried to find pieces matching it. While building this I came up with a neat idea to attach the windscreen to regular LEGO System:

Police L.E.V. Windscreen Connection



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