I need help with lego brick names for some pieces (Mega Bloks related I'm afraid..)

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I bought a Mega Bloks halo kit and in regular Mega Bloks Q&A fashion it came with one bag missing and one bag duplicate, so here I am trying to source the missing bricks.  That's pretty much impossible as there is no MB equivalent of bricklink, so I am stuck with trying to source them as lego parts.  I need the brick names for the following parts, or any parts that are sufficiently close in shape, for the following, and would be really happy if EB could help me with this:




Thanks in advance folks..

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LEGO doesn't make any pieces close to those, let alone in the colours MEGA tends to use. I would suggest that you email their customer service team and get some replacements, I've found their team to have really good customer service.

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I actually found equivalents for every single one of those pieces except these:

If anyone has any ideas about Lego parts I could susbstitute for them, please do let me know..


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