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[MOC] La Couronne (1636)

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I went back and forth on whether or not to post photos of this. It's my first traditional ship ever and... I'm not super happy with the results. And, generally speaking, if I don't like something, I don't put up pictures. On the other hand, I completed the whole thing in about 12 hours last night, so I figured what the hell - it's likely never to be built, so I might as well throw up some renders.











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Nice ship for a first try !

the curvature could be better but I am nitpicking...

May I advice you to post this ship in the Pirate sub forum. You'll have more comments and advices on ships there than here in the medieval subforum.

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Let me start off with this is a fine ship and something to be proud of.

Some improvements for this or future builds.

While youve done a great job representing the style there are three parts that bother me visually 

1 the blue on the stern should either be shorter or broken up by another color (refer to your second reference pic)

2 the flatness of her midsection ... Ships have a distinct curvature from bow to stern ... Its noticable in your references as well.  This could have been accomplished with stagering plates tiles or cheese wedges to visually give a curve

3 the cannon ports where the shrouds tie in (the ropes up to the masts) in traditional ship design would have either not included ports their or rearranged the shroud spacing to accomidate the port 

Like i said these are ideas for improvement ... Overall still an impressive ship

P.s. good job on including tumblehome (curvature of the sides) with use of the slopes

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For a first MOC, not bad... One of mine favourite ships!  :pir_laugh2:

It need's a few improvements, but with time you will get to it

Did you made it in LDD...? I'm curious about the way you made the curvature of the bow  :pir-grin:


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I agree with the others, an excellent first go around.

A few questions/suggestions, though some would require quite extensive work to pretty much everything that isn't the bow or stern.

Is there tumblehome?  I can't quite tell from the views.  There are a number of techniques on this site that can create the effect, and not all of them are incredibly complex and difficult.

I don't know the name for it, but ships of that era had a teardrop shape that ran the entire length of the hull, rather than straight lines like you appear to have here, or exist on pretty much every official Lego set, and all but one of my MOCs.  I'd recommend looking into some of those techniques as well.

Lastly, you might want to pick a different method of making the spars for your rigging.  I used the same design you're using, as it was the only one I knew of when I first started making MOCs, but there are a whole bunch of other ways that look WAY better.

Aside from that, though, the ship looks great!  I love your color choices, and the detail level is very good.  Even as is, I'd like to see this ship take form.  Given what you'd done here, I'd love to see what you could do with an interior on this ship- though that would probably be really difficult to implement on this design.

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Maybe it's my inexperience talking, but I think it's a splendid ship. Sure, it may not look like a historic replica, but sometimes adding exacting realistic details disconnects us from the fact that it's LEGO. I think you've done a fantastic job making a playable ship from the photos provided, and would be proud to own this one myself. 


Keep it up!


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