Dear Rear-Admiral Fletcher, It is I, Lord Spud, writing to inform you that the Brig 'Paladin' has been fully constructed. The vessel can hold 18 armaments yet is currently equipped with 16. This is a small note and an order has been put into a foundry as I write this. With this small detail aside, I present this ship wholly onto Her Majesty's Navy. The four-pounder guns are enough to match those pirates which roam the seas, I recommend making use of her lightweight, yet strong, hull to your advantage when using her. A perfect addition to a convoy and I hope that she sails well. Yours sincerely, Lord Spud Captain Joshua inspects the ship, hoping he'll see some of the rewards for her construction, unlike Spud who wishes only to further enable Her Majesty's fleet _____ Well, that took a while in finishing, don't blame me - blame my university for keeping on giving me work! If there's dust to be seen, see the previous sentence. I had a go at sails and more rigging but I couldn't bare threading and fidgeting with string so I did my best, however simple that may be. I also ran out of black 1x1 round bricks, hence the lack of rear guns. All excuses aside, I'm happy with how she turned out, I just have no room to put her anywhere now